Palm reading

Palm reading: Loop in Palmistry

There is one fact that most of our hands have at least one loop somewhere. Let's find it and divine with i this writing!


The Rajah Loop

The Rajah loop (or sometimes called as the loop of charisma) is at the top of your palm between the mounts of Saturn and Jupiter. Although unusual but it is a very positive sign because it represents royal blood, especially if it is found on both hands. This sign also reveals the person’s skill at influencing, leading and motivating others. The Raja loop can often be seen on the hands of successful politicians and religious leaders.

The Loop of Seriousness

The loop of seriousness is located at the top of your hand between the mounts of Apollo and Saturn. This loop is far more common than the Rajah loop (found on approximately 20% of all hands). If your palm displays this marking then you are a very serious, responsible and hardworking individual. You are a thinker who dont like to waste your time towards achieving your career goals. Like other skin ridge patterns, this loop should be well-defined and large in order to reveal its full meaning.

The Loop of Humor

The loop of humor is situated at the top of your hand between the mounts of Mercury and Apollo. It is a good sign signifying a sense of humor and a love for animals. If you have this marking on your palm then you tend to value pleasure and comfort over status and financial rewards. You take life easy and often prefer to take jobs that you enjoy rather than those which are well paid.

Oddly enough, some people have both a loop of seriousness and a lop of humor. If two of these loops are found on the same hand, that means the person has a serious approach to life and at the same time, he or she has the ability to enjoy and find pleasure in the journey toward his/her achievement.

The Vanity Loop

This loop is rare. It consists of a large loop that entirely encompasses your mount of Apollo. A person who has this marking has a tendency to be overly sensitive to criticism. He or she is too sensitive about what other people think or judge about him or his apearance.

The Empathy Loop

This loop can be seen at the bottom of your hand, near the wrist rascettes. As the name suggests, empathy loop indicates that the owner takes a special interest in others. He or she is able to feel compassion for other people.

The Memory Loop

The memory loop is found on about 10% of all hands, this loop is located on, or close to, the end of your head line. Like its name suggests, if you have this loop you have a good memory. Salespeople who remember people’s name, details of the product they sell, prices etc will have this loop.

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