Healthy, Wealthy Face

Attributes Of A Healthy, Wealthy Face

Our faces carry a wealth of predictions about our present and future. Here are some attributes of a healthy, wealthy face

Healthy, Wealthy Face
Attributes Of A Healthy, Wealthy Face | iSTOCK

Your face may give away more than just your age. Eastern masters have long believed that our faces carry a wealth of predictions about our present and future.

Changing your face can thus alter your life path, for the better or worse. It’s no wonder that some ardent believers in the ancient art of face reading have been subtly enhancing their looks not just for vanity but to boost their personal happiness and fortunes. Here are some attributes of a healthy, wealthy face introduce you.


Symmetry of the face is the first “wealth spot”. Symmetry of the face is considered the most reliable indicator of your fortune. Ancient face readers believe that only when the balance of your face is restored will things run smoothly for you. When a face is asymmetrical, your future will be paved with multiple obstacles and untold difficulties.


A head for money? Individuals blessed with high and rounded foreheads are said to possess the potential for wealth. This is considered such a vital indicator of wealth that the forehead is also dubbed the “prosperity mountain”. A high and full forehead signifies luck bestowed from the heavens; it also suggests that wealth will come early in a person’s life.

The ideal forehead is said to be gently curved, round, high and even slightly protruding. If you have a forehead like this, it is likely that you command respect and possess the charisma of authority. While it is rare to possess all of the above attributes, a forehead that is prominent, wide and high is considered lucky enough for most as it suggests high intelligence and quick-thinking.

In line with keeping your forehead clear and smooth, moles on the forehead should not occupy the central portion of this area. Black moles are unlucky and are best removed. Red moles tend to be luckier and can be preserved. Lines, blemishes and other imperfections that mar this “thinking area” will only cloud your mental agility and future fortune and needs to be erased.

Nose for money

A person’s nose (actually its size!) is the best-known measure of a person’s potential to get rich! That explains why men who possess a fleshy nosy is a great favourite with superstitious old aunts and grandmothers! Face readers have always regarded a big nose favourably, no matter how out of place it may look.

This is because the nose symbolizes the repository of money fortune, indicating wealth from many sources. However, this indicator of wealth is said to be more reliable on a woman’s face than on a man’s face.

The rounder, higher and larger the nose, the better. A woman in possession of such a nose is said to bring great wealth to the man she marries. Moles at the tip of the nose are a major sign of misfortune, if there are any moles at that area, rush to get them removed immediately!

Pearl lip

Have you ever heard of the “pearl lip? So named because of its resemblance to a precious pearl, it is a little rounded protrusion that sits on the top of your lips and it indicates effortless good fortune. Owners of the pearl lips usually have this feature from birth, and hence are bestowed with wealth luck from birth.

When a newly born baby has this feature, it is predicted that the child will have a lucky life ahead. The ‘pearl lips’ also suggest that the person possesses the gift of the gab, a positive attribute that indicates that the person will be persuasive and charming.

Lotus lips

Lotus lips refer to lips that are delicate, relatively small, but still soft and succulent. Regardless of its size, lips must never appear dry, since this symbolizes a ‘drying up of luck’. Conversely, red moles around the mouth further enhance the owner’s luck; some even believe that it is symbolic that one will never lack food. However, black moles are considered inauspicious and must be removed.

Strong chin

A strong chin is like a strong mountain base. A strong chin and a prominent jawline indicates that one will be able to store wealth successfully.

An auspicious chin is slightly protruding, quite fleshy and looks like a “mountain”. Receding jaw lines, on the other hand, are signs of misfortune in old age and can even be a sign of premature death. A prominent chin is most coveted as it suggests a long and fruitful life.

Bright eyes

The eyes are said to be the windows to your soul. Face readers however believe that they are really windows to your fortune. An auspicious pair of eyes is bright and capable of holding a steady gaze. It does not matter what the shape, size or colouring of the eyes are, the most important aspect is the vitality that shines through them.

When the eyes sparkle and are well protected by full, arched eyebrows, good health and prosperity is on its way. Your eyebrows are like protective barriers against misfortune. Eyebrows must never be overly plucked or shaved. In fact, no face must lack eyebrows! Without eyebrows, one will find no success in life (apart from looking weird). When grooming your brows, never pluck above the brows as this instantly curtails your good fortune. Asymmetrical eyes are also inauspicious and should be corrected with cosmetic aids.

Plump cheekbones

When you reach 21 years of age, look no further than your cheeks to foretell your future. The cheekbones mark the eighth wealth spot on the face. Prominent supple cheeks are not only attractive; they also predict wealth and fortune in young adulthood. Bony cheekbones however is an indication of harmful yang energy. In addition, the colour of your cheeks is also important.

Cheek that are glowing and exhibit a pinkish, rosy hue are indicators of good fortune while sallow, dry or gaunt cheeks suggest a loss of vitality in both your health and fortunes.

Prominent ears

Ancient people believe that when our ears are well formed and proportionate, they indicate good fortune and wisdom. Historically, people have a preference for long, fleshy earlobes, as this kind of ears remind them of Buddha and represent fortune and luck.