Moles And Birthmarks

The Interpretation Of Moles And Birthmarks (II)

This article will continue showing the meaning of them based on the part of the person's body that they appear upon

Some of theories suggest that birthmarks and moles on different position which are formed on the skin at the time of conception or of birth bring the benefit for their owners. In the part 1, interprets meaning of moles and birthmarks according to their actual physical appearance.

This article will continue showing the meaning of them based on the part of the person's body that they appear upon.


If the back of one or both hands is marked by a mole, great natural ability can be concluded; attainment of success in life as the fruit of their own talents. If only on the left hand, it lessens the fortunate significance.

Hip; Side

The man or woman who has one on the right or left hip will spawn many strong and healthy offspring... who in turn will themselves have numerous offspring. If both hips are marked in this manner, the force of the omen is increased slightly.


To have a mole on either side of the jaw is an unlucky sign, revealing weak health and a career hampered as a result of this. The omen is more inauspicious if the mole is on the left hand side.


Right Knee: Happy marriage, the wedded life will pass easily and smoothly; unhampered my monetary problems or serious stresses

Left Knee: Be more inclined to act without forethought ... and will often have cause to regret this rushing in attitude. At heart, though, will be upright and kindly and possess a sympathetic nature.


A mole on any part of either leg between the knee and ankle areas shows a careless a indolent nature; a person who possesses a mole in this area will most likely be selfish, lazy, and lacking of sympathy towards others.

Lip; Mouth

On either lip, a mole foretells of a pleasant, upbeat personality combined with a hint of sensuality and indolence. Those who have a mole so placed are fond of the good things in life and often turn deaf ear to duty if it conflicts with this pursuit of pleasure. They are ardent lovers and yet their constancy is not above reproach. If the mole is large and located on the lower lip, this omen has a more sensual significance; the women are thought to be heartless flirts and the men not better. If the mole is on the upper lip, greater delicacy is revealed ... although the nature of the person is sensual, it is modified and controlled by refinement and good taste.

Neck; Throat

A mole on the side of the neck reveals that the person will suffer a remarkable up and down feeling in the course of their life. The progress of career will at first be slow, but with persistence can be rewarded. Unforeseen gifts and legacies and inheritances are indicated as well the fortitude of having faithful friends.


A very lucky sign, for these folks will enjoy success and prosperity, and practically every undertaking will have a satisfactory outcome. Wide travelling and frequent change of scenery are also indicated. A mole on the side of the nose (especially in women) often gives a voluptuous temperament.

Ribs: Side

Weak, cowardly disposition is revealed by a mole on the right side of the ribs. Those who have this mark so placed will be indolent, lacking in intelligence and delicacy, and of a bullish type nature. If the mole is on the left hand side, these characteristics will be modified to some extent and tempered with a touch of good humor.


A mole on either shoulder portends of a life of hard work with much adversity.


A mole on the thigh gives a warm, enthusiastic temperament; and if it is the right thigh that has the mole it also denotes of prosperity and a happy marriage. If the mole appears on the left thigh, however, the omen is reversed ... warning of loss of money, injustice and loneliness; the warmth and frankness of their personality will be met with many rebuffs. It is a very common occurrence that a mole on the thigh is also accompanied by one on the ear.


A mole on the throat or on the front of the neck is a fortunate sign ... denoting of a wealthy marriage or successful career.


The subject who has a mole on either right or left wrist will have a very interesting and successful career. Their own intelligence and the talents they are blessed with are valuable assets and will generally ensure them of success and happiness in life.