The lucky mole brings marriage luck.

The Lucky Mole Brings Marriage Luck

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Eye Corner (tail)

1. If a man has a mole in the lower left eyelid, it means he is very manly before marriage, and it is very easy for him to argue with his wife for some minor reasons. If he could change this character, he would gradually improve himself; happiness would be in prospect!

2. If a woman has a mole in the right corner of the eye, especially the upper eye corner,  she is a flirt master, she can grasp the man's heart and have extreme love luck, but she must better pay attention not to meet bad love luck.

3. If people have a mole between the hair and the eye corner, it represents that your mind is variable, much ado about nothing, inconstant, easy to fall into a melancholy mood, and even disturb your lover's emotions!


1. If a man has a mole on his earlobe, he is fickle in his affections, his association with sexual intercourse is vulnerable to fluctuations in the external environment. At the beginning of the relationship, he is warm like a flame, he can't bear to part from each other, but he will be distracted soon.

2.  If a man has a live mole in the back of the ear, it means that he is an excellent homely type. Such a man is a good man, he can handle everything properly from young to middle-aged, whether in love, family, interpersonal, career, wealth, in all aspects. He can also have more fortunate karma and opportunities.

3. If a woman has moles inside the ear it means she has very good friends, the value of love. She could have traditional values, but she is poor at communication and entertainment. She would be a good helper at home definitely, she would enjoy a happy marriage for a long time!


1. If a man has a mole on both sides of the nosewing, it means that he can have good fellowship in workplace popularity. He might get some help from women at the beginning. He would enjoy the benefits of a favourable position and have good love result. 

2. If a woman has a mole on both sides of the nosewing, it represents that she is less popular, easily become a thorn in someone else, so she must make self-affirmation, blend into the crowd, think of everything on the other's attitude, restore justice naturally.

3.  If a woman has a mole on her cheekbones, she is very strong, frequently deadlock with her boyfriend (husband) or family for having her point of view. She insists on doing things in her own way, thus leading to poor popularity.

Lucky mole on upper lip
Lucky mole on the upper lip.

Corners of the mouth

1. If a large and shiny mole appears between both sides of the nosewing and the top of the mouth, it is called a 'blessing mole', both men and women with this mole have excellent gastronomy, they travel frequently, taste different cuisines, and have good love luck.

2. If a woman has a mole in the corners of her mouth, she often asks questions on the whereabouts of her boyfriend; she likes to talk about other people's privacy, which is unfavourable to love. She better learn to turn a blind eye!

3. If a woman has a mole on her upper lip, she is lively, she can know precisely whom or what to love or hate, she takes the initiative to show her love, and her action is amazing, she likes to do everything for love.


1. If a man has a mole on the offside of his arm, he is usually good at socialising and relationships, he is kid-gloved and knows how to love his girlfriend (wife). He could show a kind concern for another's comfort to make the other feel affection.

2. If a woman has a mole on the inner side of her upper arm, she is very sweet and cheerful, shows thought for others, she can adapt her moods and knows how to be patient for the sake of the future.

3. If people have a glorious live mole on their elbow, they are very likely to get married at a later time. The lovers might be old. The marriage will be affected by family or other factors, so they can't get married early.