Nose Meaning

Find out what the shape and size of your nose has to say about you.
Nose shape and size divination.

There are different types of noses and each nose has a different meaning and describes different personalities. Read this list and identify your type of nose and its meaning. 

The nose in personality

Big nose: Hypochondriac, fearful.

Short nose: Fearful like a chicken.

Long nose: Insensitive but philanthropic.

If the tip of the nose is close to the mouth: Stubborn.

Flat and wide nose: Sexual desire.

Big and meaty nose: Covetous, beggar and gluttonous.

A puff in the middle of the nasal: High intelligence and conscientious.

If there is no lowness between nose and forehead: Bad character.

Hook nose: Bad character, talkative and stingy.

If the tip of the nose is big and rounded: Good character.

If the tip of the nose is red and rounded: Alcoholic and party boy.

If the tip of the nose is well rounded: Good character.

Red nose: Stubborn and rude.

Low nose: Stupid.

If the nose is big, rounded and puffy: Tenderness.

If the tip of the nose is flat and square: Very High IQ.

If the tip of the nose is upright: Daydreamer, snob, arrogant and jealous.

If nasal is narrow: Suspicious.

If the nose is low at eye level: Flabbiness.

If the wings of the nose are wide open (for a woman): Sensitive soul, sometimes a sorrowful life.

If the wings of the nose are wide open (for man): Curious.

Very big nostrils: Sexual desire, jealous, arrogant.

Narrow nostrils: Lung disease.

Very narrow nostrils: a person who always wants to learn the truth, researcher.

If the nostrils open and close easily: Sexual desire.

Closed nostrils: Arrogance, loneliness, unlucky.

Sharp nose: Foxy.

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