Chin Reading

Chin Reading

Learn this type of divination in this article.

According to face reading, a good chin means that the owner will enjoy a good quality of life in their old age. The protruding chins are considered perfect chins for a man. A full, fleshy chin means luck, but a thin, pointed chin is deemed to be unlucky. An auspicious chin is slightly protruding, chubby, and appears like a ‘mountain.’

Round Chin

People with rounded chins are supportive, generous, sympathetic, kind, and family-minded. They might work hard, but they also know how to play hard too. Friendly and enjoy social gatherings, they are willing to help anyone in need. These people dislike being placed in a leadership role.

Square Chin

These people are often stubborn. People with square chins are direct, open, practical, and energetic. They are less likely to step back or negotiate, and this is why square-chinned people may have so many enemies. If the square chin is overly prominent, then the person will be demanding, obstinate, and unforgiving.

Square chin
Square chin.

Pointed or Narrow Chin

This type of chin is often considered to have ‘Fire-shape Face’ and belongs to hot-tempered, stubborn, fiery, sensitive, fun-loving, friendly, and weak-minded people. Pointed-chin people love to gossip and enjoy knowing what everyone else is up to. The ancient Chinese also believed that people who have a pointed, narrow chin could face troubles in their old age. This feature also indicates betrayal, loneliness, and possibly even a short life.

Jutting Chin

People with chins that jut out are forceful, confident, enthusiastic, and sure of themselves. These people have wonderful reserves of energy and drive that help them persist until they reach their goals. Negative qualities of this type of chin suggest that the owner is a pushy and charismatic flirt who is likely to be an unfaithful partner.

Receding Chin

Receding chin is like having no chin, and those with receding chins are considered to be the opposite in nature and characteristics of people who have jutting or protruding chin. It indicates a weaker-willed personality.

Long Chin

Long Chin belongs to people who are loyal, affectionate, and genuinely concerned about others. Cooperative and pleasant to get along with, these people make friends very easily. They find it easy to express their emotions.

Double Chin

Most people are unhappy when they know they have a double chin. In face reading, this is an auspicious sign as it indicates good happiness in later life. People with a double chin are believed to have good luck in their later years. Not only that, their children will have good relationships with them too.

Cleft Chin

People who have a cleft in their chins enjoy being in the spotlight and getting attention. This constant need for assurance can prove wearing for their partners and work colleagues. They also possess strong sexual appetites. The owners of this chin remain youthful even in their old age.