The Simian Line

The Simian line was named so, because monkeys often have this kind of line across their palm. Learn more in the followng writing!
The Simian line (or also known as Simian crease or Simian fold) was named so, because monkeys often have this kind of line across their palm. But of course, for those of you who have this line it doesnt mean that he or she is less than human or not bright. It only indicates that the person may have a lot of inner struggle and may have a hard time living a tranquil life.
This single transverse palmar crease exists when the head and heart lines appear to join together as one. The purest form of simian line is the one that appears only one line which cuts across the palm. But of course it is also possible for a fragmentary head or heart line to be attached to this simian line in one way or another. Many palmists misunderstood about the simian line.
They feel that this line represents brutality and other animalistic tendencies, which is not true. People with simian lines are usually stubborn minded and have strong character. These people are either ruled by their head or heart. They view the world in black or white terms – very few of them are in gray areas.
Owners of simian lines often have difficulty relaxing and usually have problems relating to others. These people may also have difficulty dealing with stress, or take things too personally. People with simian lines enjoy challenges and have great tenacity of purpose. They have a strong potential for accomplishment. 
They are unusually tough, forceful, goal-oriented, egocentric, ambitious, obstinate, but emotionally sensitive. Therefore for those who have simian line, your restless energy should be better released through positive hard work or dynamic exercise such as squash, handball, or martial arts. If you have a double simian line then your talents are also multiplied.

Many palmists also believe that they would supposedly experience far more misfortune than most people because of their intensity that drives them. When simian lines are found in hands with coarse skin, poor line patterns, or bent fingers, destructive or antisocial activity can result. If the mounts, fingers, and skin texture indicate a coarse personality, then the owner can also be violent and unpredictable.

This line is very common in Downs Syndrome, but it is also found in the hands of perfectly healthy people. Beware also that for those who have simian lines may also be more susceptibIe than others to some forms of heart disease.

Approximately 13% of all Asians have this line on at least one hand. Approximately 4% of Caucasians have it on at least one hand. And it is even rarer to have simian line on both hands.

The simian line is also known as:

  •     A single palmar crease
  •     A horizontal palmar crease
  •     A single palmar transverse crease
  •     A transverse palmar crease
  •     A palmar single flexion crease.