Finger divination

Finger and Phalange in Palmistry

Discover a palm-reading divination technique in this article

The length of your finger, the phalanges of your fingers, the setting of your fingers, as well as the shape sometimes can show your fortune. Let's discover it in this article.

The Index Finger or Jupiter Finger

In palmistry, the index (Jupiter) finger represents our leadership and the strength of our need for power. Its length is considered normal if it reaches the middle of the top phalange of our middle finger. A short Jupiter finger shows a person who is reserved, shy, and lacking in self-esteem. It also indicates that the person prefers to follow rather than lead. Those who have long index finger may have the desire to dominate over others.

A Jupiter finger that pulls away or bends outward means the person likes to think and act independently. When this feature is strong, then the person is stubborn and will not listen to others. If the person’s Jupiter finger inclines toward his Saturn finger, this can indicate that other people may have too much influence over the subject. He is unsure about himself, and therefore he tends to listen to other people.

The Second Finger or Saturn Finger

The middle finger (or Saturn finger) indicates our general character and our sense of responsibility. If you have a long Saturn finger then you are considered as a reliable and dependable person, you have a strong personality and take life seriously. But if this finger is remarkably long, then the person prefers seclusion and remain aloof from others. A short Saturn finger means the person is impulsive and tend to avoid taking responsibility.

The Ring Finger or Apollo Finger

The ring finger (or also known as the Apollo finger) represents our desire for name and fame. This finger is also associated with our artistic and creative talents. Long Apollo finger denotes creative nature and the ability to take risks. It is considered long when it is longer than our index finger. A short Apollo finger means the person tend to lack energy, not very creative, and may find it hard to express his/her own emotions.

Little Finger or Mercury Finger

Our little finger is also called the finger of Mercury in palmistry. This finger rules communication, so the longer the finger, the better our ability to communicate with others.  The finger is considered short if its length is below the first phalange of our ring finger. You may have problems with communicating if your Mercury finger is very short. If it is longer than average length then you can communicate well with others, you are also sociable and get on well with people. A high percentage of successful public speakers, writers, actors, evangelists, lawyers, politicians, business people, and dancers have long, well-developed Mercury fingers.

According to many palmists, a straight little finger denotes essential human honesty. They also believe that a Mercury finger that is twisted or deformed in any way indicates a potential for dishonesty and the ability to manipulate others.



Being considered as the root of the whole hand, our thumb represents the center of our will-power. Thumb also indicates our life energy, both physical and mental. Our thumb has two phalanges – the lower phalange of our thumb shows logic, and the upper phalange containing our nail indicates will-power. If one phalange is disproportionately shorter or longer than the other, it suggests a weakening of the corresponding quality in the person.

If the upper phalange is longer than the lower phalange, the person will have more will power than logic, if the top phalange is shorter than the lower phalange then this means there is more logic than will power. If the upper phalange of your thumb is long, then you are self-willed while shorter upper phalange means you have less desire to work. If the lower phalange of your thumb is long, then you are a wise and careful person, but if it is short, then you work without any forethought. The third part of our thumb is not a phalange but instead the Mount of Venus.

If your fore part of the thumb is wide, then you are very aggressive and obstinate. Thumb which has more flesh at the top of the phalange (a bulbous or clubbed appearance) yields to possibilities of violent temperament. Palmists have called this type of thumb a murderer's thumb. A person who has a waisted thumb is empathic and relates well to others. A flexible thumb, the one which can bend backwards from the joint belongs to a flexible, easy-going person whereas a firm or stiff thumb belongs to a determined and stubborn person.