Cheeks Reading

What can you discover from someone's cheeks?

Prominent cheekbones are an indication of power and authority. These people are courageous, determined, adventurous, and independent. They have no problems in taking risks or trying something new. In order to achieve great success, it is important that both the cheeks and nose are prominent.

However, if the cheeks are higher than the bridge of someone’s nose then the person is in excess and it indicates greed, quarrelsomeness, and an enormous desire to dominate and control others. In marriage and romance, the partner with the more powerful cheeks is believed to dominate the other. Many Hokkien people also believe that women with such cheeks can become widows at an early age.

Characteristics about the cheeks

A person with flat cheekbones enjoys their own company. They have a harder time getting people to listen to them. Hollow cheeks (appear sunken or indented) indicate stress caused by their emotions, usually related to overwork. Grief can also cause hollow cheeks, but they will return to normal once the grieving process is over.

In Chinese medicine, the middle cheeks are associated with the lungs. Sunken middle cheeks can often be found in many cigarette smokers, this reveals how their lungs have been affected by years of smoking. 

Large and plump lower cheeks are described as “moneybags”. To the Chinese, this is one of the most auspicious signs in the face as the plumpness is always associated with wealth or luck. It is considered best when it looks like a peach – pink, soft, plump, and fuzzy. People with large moneybags show that they know how to save their money, invest and accumulate things of long-term value. Moneybags also belong to those who are living life slowly enough to enjoy, feel, and relate to others and the pleasures of being human. They know what gives them pleasure, and these people also know how to receive it.

Like the cleft chin or the pearl lip, dimples (usually found in the middle cheeks) are also regarded as a beauty spot, therefore they bring attraction luck to both women as well as men. People with dimples are charming, flirtatious, and carefree. But once they settle down they will make a long term commitment to their partners.