Lip crease reading

Lip Crease Reading

Learn more about this type of divination.

The lip crease (the area between our lips and nose surrounded by two lines) can be used as your lifespan indicators. Let’s divine with!

The ideal lip crease is the one that starts out narrow at the bottom of your nose and opens wider as it goes nearer the lips. This type of lip crease indicates that the person can definitely live for more than 51 years. It also denotes that he or she can have many offspring. But when it is the other way round – wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, near the lips, it means difficulty in conceiving or that the children may face a life-threatening incident. There are few offspring (more daughters than sons). This crease type also warns of low fertility, ill health, and loss of fortune towards the later years in life.

A mole on the bottom of the lip crease means the person will have more daughters. If it is on the top, more boys. It is long known in Chinese Medicine that if someone is fainted or passed out you can bring someone back to consciousness by pinching their philtrum pressure point.

Lip crease reading


Long lip crease represents longevity. If the lip crease is faint, bent or fading towards the mouth, this is considered unfortunate as it is a sign of illness, premature death, loss, and difficulty in conceiving.

Horizontal lines on the philtrum indicate problems with your reproductive system. A horizontal line across a woman’s philtrum may reveal that she has lost a child through abortion, miscarriage, or death after birth. It can also mean reproductive-health issues. Vertical lines on the philtrum indicate stress-inducing problems with a child or children. This can also be linked to difficulties in expressing creativity.