Ox relationship compatibility

The Relationship Compatibility of the Ox

Find out about who is the best match for the Ox.

OX + RAT: 88% 

This is a good match as they will appreciate each other’s qualities and put in more than what is needed in the relationship. The Ox is security-conscious and a good provider. Hence, a dutiful, competent, and reliable partner like the Rat is desirable to the Ox. The Rat is attentive and will keep the household in perfect condition.

This is a fulfilling relationship for both. The Ox is a reliable partner, and the Rat loves in return. The Rat is outgoing and friendly, hence is contented with the security the Ox provides. The Ox is secure, quiet, and likes the extra attention from the Rat.

For this relationship to improve, the Rat should be mindful of the Ox’s lack of social skills, and the Rat could help the Ox to be more communicative. The Ox can also be aware of the Rat’s constant worry about danger and possible emotional mood swings and assure the Rat of a secure environment.


The Ox likes the Rooster’s conscientious nature, and the Rooster likes the Ox because the Ox is hardworking. Both are analytical and quite methodical. They like things that stimulate their intellect and are competent and organized. As both can handle criticism well, they will be a happy couple.

The similarities between the Ox and Rooster are what will keep them together.  They both have the same goals and attitude towards long-term achievements in life, which are usually mundane.

The gradual build-up of a good relationship will lie in the difference between each other’s personalities. The Ox is reserved, strong and noble, while the Rooster is noisy, open, and straight-to-the-point. It will be the Rooster’s hardworking and responsible nature that will appeal to the Ox.

The only thing that may pull them apart would be their temptation for material objects. Perhaps one or the other may pick money over…love?

OX + SNAKE: 85%

The Ox and Snake combination is a good one. The Snake materialistic and will admire the Ox for what the Ox can provide. The Ox finds the Snake pleasant and observant. Both will complement each other; the Ox will look for the Snake as support, and the Snake will be proud to have someone like the Ox.

The two are very selective, and they will find that they made the right decision in choosing each other. They are both humble and share the same beliefs and ambition. The combined strength of the Snake and Ox is much higher than each one on their own. The Snake will learn to trust the Ox, and they will support each other through any difficulty. Together, they can rely on each other in times of crisis. They will have a happy life together.

OX + MONKEY: 81%

These two may seem too contradictory in character to have a successful relationship, but strangely enough, they can complement each other. Both love success and money, yet both are different in the directions and methods they use to get what they want. The Ox is attracted to the Monkey’s intelligence  while the Monkey feels grounded by the Ox’s stability.

However, these two partners can sometimes be too arrogant and dynamic to live together happily. While the Monkey is an extrovert, who stands out naturally in a crowd, the Ox is introvert and discreet. The Monkey partner is authoritative and may consider his Ox partner lackluster and unimaginative.

Although both sides of the relationship have superb positive attributes, very seldom have they the chance to display them. Even though the Monkey often oppresses the Ox, the Ox will not easily bow down when pointing out the Monkey’s flaws and negativities. Both sides of the game have to possess great control to achieve a mutual understanding.

OX+ OX: 72%

This couple is hardworking and reserved, but these two serious people could be quite pessimistic. Their relationship could be a strain as they could end up displaying too much of their negative qualities to each other. While the foundation of this relationship is stability, if neither is mindful or aware, this relationship risks becoming too boring, and the two oxen could grow apart without either of them realizing it – until it is too late.

One way to prevent this from happening is for the couple to plan to do something different regularly. It’s a tough call to get an Ox to be spontaneous, but perhaps each partner could take turns to take the initiative now and then to keep the romance going.

Compatibility of the Ox with another Ox.
Their relationship could be a strain as they could end up displaying too much of their negative qualities to each other.


OX + RABBIT: 72%

The reliable Ox will find the friendly Rabbit attractive and vice versa.  The Rabbit and Ox pair is another set of opposite personalities. However, the plus side is that the negativities of one partner are complemented by the positive traits of the other partner. The Rabbit likes to relax and will make sure the Ox does not work too hard. The Ox can have a big ego, but the Rabbit’s delicate nature always ensures that the Ox’s feelings are not hurt.

One of the main differences in personality is the issue of sensitivity. The Rabbit is sentimental, gentle, and much attuned to other people’s feelings, while the Ox lacks the sensitivity to understand and appreciate the Rabbit’s personality. The Ox needs to learn to be more tactful and not criticize the Rabbit too blatantly and hurt the Rabbit’s feelings. On the other hand, the Rabbit can be self-centered and desirous by nature, while the Ox is disciplined, realistic, and virtuous.

Dear bulldozing Ox, if you don’t agree with what the Rabbit is doing, please don’t push the Rabbit too much. She may just hop away! Although this relationship may be challenging to maintain, if they genuinely care to make things work, this union will last for a long time.

OX + PIG: 69%

This couple will push each other to succeed and improve. The Ox behaves well and focuses very much on the Ox’s goals. The Pig trusts, understands and will support the hardworking Ox partner. The Pig’s sensual and generous nature will be great in encouragement to make him less adamant and uncommunicative.

In this union, the sensibility of the Ox may clash with the Pig’s love of beautiful things. The affectionate Pig’s generosity will be mistaken as an extravagance by the more frugal Ox, while the hard-working Ox may prove too much for the Pig to handle. Both approach work from different perspectives, with the fun-loving Pig working to ensure his leisure time, and the severe Ox working to ensure job satisfaction. In the end, the self-discipline of the Ox and the happiness of the Pig may prove too much for this match.

OX + DOG: 62%

The Ox loves prestige and material wealth and admires the independence of the Dog. Despite being open-minded and communicative, the Dog might become unfriendly and belligerent if the Ox pushes the Dog too hard. The Ox may not appreciate the Dog’s doubt and curiosity, and the Dog may find the Ox too inflexible and detached. But it may still work out as they enjoy being around each other.

In the long run, the Ox’s stubbornness may prove difficult for the open-minded Dog, who seeks equality. The rigid Ox may also come to resent the Dog’s expressiveness. Thus understanding and compromise will ease the troubles in this relationship, which will be the result of petty arguments and grudges held when either party feels an injustice has been committed.

OX + SHEEP: 56%

Things are not always as happy as it seems. The Sheep’s insecurity is reassured by the Ox’s strong and protective behavior, but the Ox has very high expectations of the Sheep in return. The Ox doesn’t appreciate the Sheep’s impulsiveness, and the Sheep can be disheartened by the Ox’s demand for the Sheep to be diligent.

The Sheep’s artistic and leisure-inclined character can be quite stressful for the Ox, while the Sheep savors and enjoys life as the Sheep pleases. The Ox’s respectful attitude to keep the house and family in order causes the Ox to reject the Sheep’s indulgent lifestyle, which is very deterring because the Sheep must be loved and appreciated for the Sheep to do his or her best.

The Sheep is artistic and must wait for the right time to be inspired, while the Ox scorns at the Sheep’s soft ways as the Ox feels that time must not be on petty things like this. For this relationship to work, drastic compromises are needed, if the Ox can be more considerate of the Sheep’s sensitivities.

OX + DRAGON: 52%

The Dragon is dynamic and adventurous, while the Ox is apathetic and systematic. The Ox enjoys time alone while the Dragon wants to be surrounded by friends. This couple will have to love and respect each other to make it work as both possess equally strong characters, and it’s not easy to come to a compromise.

Both the Dragon and the Ox can be respectful of each other, but both are also stubborn, which is the determining factor if the relationship is to last or fall apart. The Dragon is very ambitious and works for recognition, a desirable characteristic that the materialistic Ox admires and which encourages the Ox to push forward for success especially materially.

The Dragon can be very unsympathetic if their common goals do not produce results. While the Dragon is very friendly and continually needs love and admiration, the Ox can be very conservative, emotionless, and distant. For the relationship to work, the two would need to compromise; and if both strive for success and succeed, they would be genuinely proud and dedicated to each other.

OX + HORSE: 37%

This is a difficult couple as they are almost opposite. The Ox is methodical and wants a family while the Horse is carefree and finds it difficult to settle down. The Ox is down-to-earth, and cannot stand the Horse’s lack of attention to the Ox.

The Horse is outgoing and always filled with excitement, while the Ox is too organized and proper to share the Horse’s enthusiasm. The Horse may have a great deal of respect for the Ox but feels the Ox is too rigid. On the other hand, the Ox feels an inability to depend on the Horse due to the Horse’s unpredictable moods and impulsive attitude.

The Horse, on the other hand, may find the Ox humorless and insufferable; the Ox will feel a need for someone more disciplined and responsible. While these two signs have very little in common, there is a little chance for a happy cohabitation if both realize their different characteristics and accept each other as they are.

Compatibility of the Ox with the Horse.
The Ox and the Horse don't have much compatibility in love matters.


OX + TIGER: 33%

The Ox is well-organized and practical, which the Tiger sees as predictable. The Tiger is unrestrained and emotional while the Ox doesn’t appreciate moodiness. The Tiger might think that the Ox is simply apathetic and insensitive. The Tiger is a passionate creature and enjoys the attention. The Ox might feel insecure in the fear that the flirtatious Tiger may step over the line.

It is difficult to find similarities in this couple whose characters are almost diametrically opposite each other in character, but if both are willing to work on it, nothing is impossible! To improve this relationship, the Ox could be more understanding of the Tiger’s emotional swings, and the Tiger should not test the Ox’s patience too much and stay faithful to the Ox.