Business and Career - Monkey

Find out what the business and career life of those born in a year of the Monkey is like.

Business and Career - Monkey | iSTOCK

People born in the years of the Monkey are creative, easygoing and very smart. These positive qualities make them usually successful people in career matters. 

When looking for a job, Monkeys should stick to doing something they really like and they have a high interest in if they really want to be successful. They also need their job to be challenging, as they are very curious and always willing-to-learn people. In this case, a good job for them could be one related to sports, which implies the challenge of the competition. 

They also make very good leaders, as they are perfectionists and meticulous, but also generous and caring. They are also very good at decision-making. All these traits make them good bosses, so they could easily have a successful freelance job because they like the freedom and do not like to be told what to do. The best age for Monkeys to start their own business is between 40 and 50 years old. 

Some other suitable jobs for those born in the years of the Monkey are: teachers, actors, writers, businessmen, lawyers, journalists...

Lucky months for business: March, June, and November.

Unlucky months for business: January, February, May, August, September, and December.

Best business and career partners 

The Monkey's best partner to share a business with is the Dragon. Monkey and Dragon are a very powerful couple: the Monkey brings intelligence and the Dragon brings the strength. Those born under the sign of the Dragon are trustful people that will cooperate for a long time and you can be sure they will never fail you. 

Other good business partners for Monkeys are the Pig and the Goat. On the one hand, Monkeys can benefit from the wealth that the Pig can offer them. On the other hand, the Goat can also be very cooperative and things could work great between the Goat and the Monkey, but be careful, don't let the Goat get too attached to the business or they could generate negative vibrations when things don't go as expected.