The Perfect Partners of the Dog Sign

The Perfect Partners of the Dog Sign

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DOG + HORSE: 92%

The Horse and the Dog will do very well together as long as they both have their own space. Both are lively and demonstrative people who may find real happiness in their union. The Dog likes peace and quiet while the Horse likes to go out and have fun. The Dog will pay attention to the Horse’s intuition and will be impressed by his intelligence and conscious ways.

The Horse and the Dog give each other balance in their relationships. The Horse will encourage the Dog to step out of his comfort zone and engage in the social circle while the Dog will show the Horse that enjoyment can be found in the calm and peace of the home. The Horse loves the Dog’s sense of humour and logic. The Dog is loyal, honest and sincere and is realistic enough to understand and accept the Horse’s errors. As a result, the Horse will not take offence at the Dog’s straightforward manner. This can be a lasting and harmonious relationship.

DOG + TIGER: 89%

This is the closest to an ideal union; they are generally free of the problems that affect other couples as they both have the ability to overlook negative features in each other. The Tiger admires the Dog’s devotion while the Dog understands its partner’s spontaneity and impatience.  The Dog’s sensible logic makes sense to steer the Tiger and balance the Tiger’s impulsive nature and enthusiasm. Both are charming, attractive and responsive; hence, their relationship is a rewarding one. The Dog is rarely possessive and tends to give security to the Tiger, yet allowing them to have their freedom. The Tiger overlooks the Dog’s pessimism and is an expert in cheering him up.

Both belong to the same Triangle of Affinity and thus make a good match given their shared idealistic and humanitarian qualities. The hot-headed Tiger will be subdued by the more objective Dog, who will remain loyal and not offended by the Tiger’s emotional outbursts or impulsiveness. Being diplomatic also means the Dog can reason without offending the Tiger – the Tiger will appreciate such a quality in the Dog and respond with generous shows of affection. The Tiger is also honest and sincere, qualities which the Dog appreciates. With so much mutual respect, this relationship is well-suited to develop the best qualities in both parties.

In a Dog husband and Tiger wife relationship, some may think it’s not a good match, but others say otherwise. They both value their independence and are inherently fair. She loves his humanitarian ways, and he loves her enthusiasm, strength and vitality.

In a Dog wife and Tiger husband relationship, a very favourable partnership can be established. With his strength, he helps her to achieve her philanthropic goals. They have excellent communication with each other and never run out of conversational topics. The only area of disagreement is in his willingness to quit his job without much thought in pursuit of something new, and her worries about making ends meet.

DOG + PIG: 84%

Although they may not appear to be well suited to one another, this union could prove successful because both have agreeable dispositions. The Pig will find a dependable and intelligent partner in the Dog, while the Dog will receive the constant love and affection he requires. They are both equally as trustworthy and reliable.

Willing to compromise towards each other, there is the potential for a happy future together as neither will take advantage of the other’s weaknesses. Affable meets affable in this pairing of two signs that have the potential to complement one another’s strengths, and support each other’s weaknesses. Also, neither are flighty and will not commit infidelity – they will find each other’s company to be sufficient.

Although they have different approaches to life, they are both honest and well-meaning and strive to do their best wherever possible. The simple Dog, however, will not be understanding of the Pig’s sensuality and therefore must be aware of withholding the use of its sharp tongue on the Pig whenever the Pig finds the P too overindulgent. Key here is the loyalty and steadfastness that both signs are known for. These traits will be crucial in ensuring that the Dog’s critical thinking benefits the Pig, whose tolerance allows him to forgive the Dog’s quirks.

Perhaps the Dog may occasionally need to step out of their comfort zone in order to satiate the Pig’s love for romanticism.


The relationship between a Rabbit and Dog is a very satisfying and fulfilling one. Both parties will only make reasonable demands on each other. The Dog admires the Rabbit’s charming ways and is very loyal even when the Rabbit is not in his best mood. The Rabbit feels secure and always relies on the Dog’s support and practical assessment of a problematic situation since the Dog is the more positive of the two. As a complement, the Rabbit is always sensitive to know what’s bothering the Dog.

This union is set up for long-term success, with the Rabbit’s charm and diplomacy matching up well to the Dog’s honesty and friendly nature. Although they will come together for activities that have a purpose, by nature, they are both cooperative and so will allow each other the freedom necessary to develop on their own. The materialistic Rabbit will need luxury, but the less greedy Dog will understand. With so much understanding from both parties, they will see one another as unique, rather than possessing annoying quirks. They like to live quietly, and although not filled with excitement, it is one that will last.

In a Rabbit husband and Dog wife relationship, they need to pay more attention to depression as both can end up focusing on negative issues simultaneously. They get along very well and support each other, and have a strong sense of duty.

In a Rabbit wife and Dog husband relationship, they will work together for the welfare of others.

DOG + RAT: 72%

This couple shares many similarities: peace loving, independent and affectionate. The Rat is charming and hardworking while the Dog is loyal and considerate. However, this may lead to a broken relationship with too much compromise.

This union has the potential to be a very happy one. Mutual respect and mutual interests are the main hallmarks of this relationship since both are extroverted but will respect one another to give each other the freedom necessary. Although the Rat may be more affectionate, the Dog will be diplomatic and easy-going enough to prevent petty bickering.

For a smoother relationship, as with all relationships, communication is key.  As the Dog is a stickler for routine and quite set in its ways, the Rat has to give as much notice of changes of schedule as possible to the Dog in order to keep the peace. The Dog should also try to be more sensitive to the Rat’s emotions as the Rat often multitasks and gets stressed when things get out of control. Communicate what you need to each other, and if you respond to each other’s needs, the relationship will thrive.


DOG + SNAKE: 67%

Both signs have strong convictions, and their disapproval of some of each other’s ways may prevent a close relationship. The Snake is ambitious and calculated in his actions while the Dog is affectionate and loyal. The Snake will demand total commitment, but the Dog will only support him up to the extent that the Snake’s demands do not compromise the Dog’s principles. The Dog is not greedy and cannot understand the Snake’s desire for wealth and power while the Snake fails to understand why the Dog is so easily offended.

Although not perfectly matched, this union could work provided both approach it with an understanding that they need to be realistic in their expectations of one another. After all, the Snake’s sophistication will be lost on the down-to-earth Dog. Despite the Snake’s appreciation for the Dog’s intelligence, it may not necessarily be reciprocated by the Dog who will fail to understand the Snake’s mystique, despite being level-headed and objective.



The Monkey is bright, productive and outgoing. The Dog partner is agreeable and is more than willing to cooperate if he sincerely wants this relationship to work. The Monkey partner will be very appreciative if his Dog partner is not too ambitious and tries to outperform him as the Monkey is generally more motivated and ambitious than the Dog is. Although the Dog will be in awe of the Monkey’s talents and personality, he could also have a negative view of the Monkey’s undesirable traits. Other the other hand, the Monkey may find the Dog’s rousing and open-minded qualities restricting at times. However, these two can enjoy a good marriage as both are well-balanced and can keep the relationship going.

The potential disharmony in this union could be avoided if both partners are tolerant and forgiving of one another’s deficiencies. The wily Monkey will appreciate the sensible Dog’s responsiveness to logic and intelligence, and the Dog will understand the Monkey’s independence, charm and wit. Where mutual understanding becomes necessary is their approach to materialism – the Monkey’s need for luxury may clash with the Dog’s idealism since the Monkey values wealth and the Dog, principles.


Both of these signs have the same set of good qualities: patience, restraint, self-assurance and integrity. They are also both outspoken characters that may not be a good trait as they both have sharp tongues too.  If the Rooster nags, the Dog will bite. In this way, hurting each other may be the only result.

Their short-comings will be ignored by each other, but without recognition of their shortcomings, how would they improve? If the marriage fails, these short-comings will be the cause of it. Besides, one of them must be able to stand down when the other is spitting fire. This may not be the ideal match for either sign which, on the surface, appear to have many shared traits.

Both partners are usually diplomatic and will work to see eye to eye, but in this union, their more offensive traits are emphasised. Too overly critical with one another, both the Dog and Rooster will find themselves easily irritated by the other’s shortcomings and since neither will back down from a challenge, conflicts are possible. In the ideal situation, the easy-going Dog will be pleasant as long as the Rooster does not interfere too much. The Rooster must keep its usually honest opinions to itself, however sincere they may be – how rigidly the Rooster sticks to its plans will bother the Dog, who will see the Rooster as being unaccepting of the way he is, and out to change him.

DOG + OX: 62%

The Ox loves prestige and material wealth and admires the independence of the Dog. Despite being open-minded and communicative,  the Dog might become unfriendly and belligerent if the Ox pushes the Dog too hard.  The Ox may not appreciate the Dog’s doubt and curiosity and the Dog may find the Ox too inflexible and detached. But it may still work out as they enjoy being around each other.

In the long run, the Ox’s stubbornness may prove difficult for the open-minded Dog, who seeks equality. The rigid Ox may also come to resent the Dog’s expressiveness. Thus understanding and compromise will ease the troubles in this relationship, which will be the result of petty arguments and grudges held when either party feels an injustice has been committed.


DOG + DOG: 62%

There is potential for this relationship to succeed, although the female Dog may be more expressive and critical than the male partner. Provided there is mutual respect, there should be no problems in this relationship where both partners are stable and affectionate and will value each other’s idealism and conscientiousness. The key to staying happily together is their agreeable nature and need for equality, and both partners should make decisions together, so neither feels left out.

They are individually extraordinarily loyal and faithful characters. They enjoy showering each other with gifts, which is just an extension of their giving side. They guard their family with the strength of a soldier and are as immovable as a mountain when it comes to their love for their blood relatives. They will bark if any threat encroaches into their personal life and will not hesitate to bite if necessary.

Stability is what will be achieved between both Dog partners; however, it will not be uncommon to hear a bit of bickering between each other. Either one may retreat into their personal space. If any advice can be given, it would be to practice active – selective listening never works!

DOG + GOAT: 62%

The matter-of-fact attitude of the Dog would naturally disapprove of the Goat’s indulgent character which will make the Goat even more pessimistic. The Dog can be sympathetic but not always willing to sugar coat things to appease the Goat’s sensitivity. The Goat needs a lot of empathy and support, but the Dog can be unconcerned and even be annoyed by the Goat’s constant complaints and self-gratification attitude. This relationship will probably not work as each tends to bring out the other’s negative traits.

Conflicts characterize this relationship, making the Dog and Sheep more irritable than they usually are. The practical and straightforward Dog will be irked by the Sheep’s sentimentality and will respond unsympathetically with sharp comments. This is not the way to handle the ordinarily unselfish Sheep, who will be sensitive to such remarks and become dejected at the Dog’s direct methods.


This relationship will be a collection of arguments due to the huge gap in their basic temperaments. They are both aggressive and forceful but in very different ways. The Dragon loves freedom, but the Dog demands loyalty and cooperation. They are both proud and willful, and neither will give in to one another. Although both may be trying to attain the attributes of the other, they both do not know how to approach the matter. Many adjustments need to be done for this marriage to work.

Love and hate will characterize this relationship, which sees the Dog and Dragon on opposing ends. Both demonstrate their leadership qualities in entirely different ways. The diplomatic Dog will try to bring people together, while the colourful Dragon will employ overpowering techniques which the Dog will not understand and may come to resent. Using these same overwhelming techniques on the Dog may hurt the Dog and once hurt, the Dog is likely to be defensive or retaliate. Since there is no compromise between the two, relationships of this nature will be difficult to sustain.