Lucky Baby Names In The Year Of The Fire Monkey

If you're going to be a parent, these are some lucky baby names for your little monkey

If you're expecting a baby on a year of the Fire Monkey, there are lucky baby names for your little monkey in this list. Get some ideas to name your baby.


Small monkeys are considered cute, so diminutive names are appropriate. Irish for "little fire," Aidan is especially appropriate in the year of the Fire Monkey.


Another Irish moniker meaning "little fire," Enya is the feminine version of Aidan.


Hawaiian for "the fire," this name can be used for both boys and girls.


Votre petite Cherie? Oui oui! The girl's name meaning "half" or "small" in French is perfect for your little monkey.


Since fruit is a mainstay of a monkey's diet, botanical names are a good fit. Quite fittingly, the small citrus is believed to have originated in China.


Laugh all you want, but Gwyneth Paltrow may have been on to something, as her daughter was born in 2004, the most recent monkey year.


So the boys can share in the bounty, this variation of Barry might also pay tribute to President Barack Obama's last year in the Oval Office.

Wei Wei

Like the outspoken Chinese artist, the name Wei Wei contains the Chinese character for "king," which is considered lucky for people born in the Year of the Monkey.


This Hindu girl's name means "queen."


This English name sounds stately, and it's also a type of monkey.


Names with meaning stemming from tools or weapons are appropriate for monkey babies, as primates display great skill in using tools like humans. This Swedish boy's name for "spear of God" hits the bull's-eye.


Since monkeys belong to the metal family in the Chinese zodiac, this name is perfect for your fair-haired daughter.


In Vietnamese, this name means "gold." But stay away from the variation Kim-Ly, as it means "golden lion," which is too close to the monkey's nemesis, the tiger.


This Hebrew boy's name also means "gold."


Since primates are known for their intelligence, this Latin female name meaning "the mind" is an A+ for your little genius.