Understanding A Leo Boss

Here are a few more points on what it is to work under a Leo boss

Demands complete obedience

The one truth about keeping a Leo boss happy is to follow their every order. Like the Lion is the undisputed king of the jungle, a Leo boss expects unquestioning subservience to his/her wishes. It is not in their nature to brook opposition or entertain doubts, especially from employees. This is not to say that a Leo boss will never make a mistake or take a bad decision but just that they will not tolerate public opposition to their orders.

You can look for a private moment to clarify a doubt with a Leo boss but be sure to couch it in terms that does not cast any aspersions on his/her authority. This trait of Leos naturally gives them a reputation for being authoritarian or domineering as superiors – truly bossy in all senses of the term.

However you need to recognize that their tendency to be overbearing arises from a deep confidence in their own powers which are likely to be quite considerable no matter what his/her professional area. Like the king of the jungle, they are aware of their own strength and expertise and thus likely to treat with intolerance or contempt objections raised by weaker or less qualified beings.

Craves the limelight

A Leo boss, known to drive his/her employees hard, will rarely be found sweating it out on their own. This is a personality which inevitably achieves success by delegating responsibilities but their innate sense of people ensures that everyone gets to work on whatever he/she does best.  The most effective way to please your Leo boss is to work hard and work with enthusiasm. 

Being of gregarious and expansive temperament themselves, Leos dislike people who are sour and churlish. Like the true king at the center of obedient courtiers, Leo bosses too like to be surrounded by a smiling and willing circle of employees.

However even when you put in your best efforts and come up with flying colors at an assignment, don’t expect your Leo boss to give you the entire credit. It is in the nature of a Leo to seek the limelight and when the highest management praises a job well done, you may find your boss taking the final bow.

It is like the question about who made the Taj Mahal – every time you get to hear of the Emperor Shah Jahan and never of the countless architects, artisans and laborers who slaved day and night to build the magnificent structure.

Your Leo boss is something like the Mughal Emperor too who commissioned the project and feels entirely within his/her right to take credit for its success.

Hugely Generous

However once you give evidence of your industry and achieve desired results at the workplace, can be sure of one thing that your Leo boss will reward you handsomely. While your chief may not be above wrangling some of the credit for a successful project, he/she is sure to be very generous at distributing the desserts of success. 

You and other employees who worked for him/her can not only hope for a big raise after a particularly lucrative contract is sealed, but you can even look forward to a grand celebratory party thrown at the most fashionable address in the city and well supplied with the best treats and the finest spirits A Leo is known for extravagant tastes and passions and truly excels when it comes to acting as the host or at least the organizer of revelry.

However a Leo’s generosity is not always restricted to paychecks and perks but often extends to his/her disposition as well. If you as an employee happen to win the trust of your Leo boss, there may be many times when the latter will watch your back and even look past an indiscretion or two.

Watch out for Explosive tempers

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or perhaps a Leo crossed. So beware of going against your Leo boss’s orders or he/she may be roused to a terrible fury. And in the full flow of his/her rage, your Leo boss may even do something rash like slamming the door against your face or even chucking you out of a job.

Also some Leo personalities are known to be quite obstinate in their judgment of people; so once your Leo boss decides that an employee is lazy or untrustworthy they are likely to stick to that evaluation for a long time to come and even when proved otherwise by experience will blame the person for misrepresenting his/her actions or intent.

Shower compliments on them

Leo men and women adore being the center of attention and being admired for all their qualities – which truth to tell are considerable. So don’t feel yourself above indulging in a little flattery especially if it goes a long way in keeping your Leo boss happy. 

Once they are made to feel important and special, you can really unlock all that is best and most generous in them. Finally remember that a Leo thrives in a world of creativity and self-expression.

So even if your Leo boss holds a staid corporate job, he/she is most likely to be associated with an amateur dramatics club in their spare time, probably as a charismatic actor or director. So if you are serious about getting along with your boss, be sure to introduce an element of the dramatic in your compliments to him/her.

For instance on your boss’s birthday, organize a small surprise party at your workplace or if that is too much for you to handle, make a present of the most exotic orchids you can afford. Such gestures will satisfy their insatiable appetite for admiration and get them in an incredibly generous mood – which is ultimately good news for you.