The Perfect Partners of the Pig Sign

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PIG + GOAT: 98%

Both have much in common and their union will result in a stable marriage. Neither of them needs to make major adjustments to their personality and both are very homely by nature. The sociable Pig is not as sensitive as the Goat, who may take offense easily.

Where others may see the Goat’s concern and mothering as possessiveness, the chivalrous Pig will appreciate the gentle Goat as devoted. Theirs is a warm, intimate relationship between two generous and thoughtful individuals, who are only too happy to make one another the centre of their lives. Thus for once, the compassionate Sheep may do what she does best, without the worry of being viewed as being overprotective.

PIG + PIG: 92%

Like anyone else who finds themselves with a person from the same sign, the relationship can move either way: the partners can both encourage and help develop each other’s good points, or bring out the worst in each other.

In the case of two Pig partners, both will be strong, brave and determined. They despise arguments, and would avoid conflict like the plague. They prefer to remain jovial and would never be seen to hold grudges between each other – why create war when love is an option? However, given that they lack perseverance and self-discipline; they may encourage each other’s bad points.

There is no doubt that the Pig is motivated by sincerity, but this motivation may cause them to do more harm than good, especially if there is a lack of organizational skills and planning. Their love for comfort and luxuries may be a deceiving downfall. While both pairs of eyes are fixated on sparkles and bedazzling opportunities, who’s taking care of the existing responsibilities? One of the two will need to exercise discipline so that they have the tenacity to meet with challenges head-on. Otherwise, love just may not be enough to keep them together.

This relationship is fairly compatible in that both partners are honest and dependable. They will continuously shower each other with love and adoration and most importantly, neither one will have to worry about infidelity. However, this is an area where problems may arise. Being highly receptive to gestures, if either one is sensitive and emotionally unstable; one is bound to get hurt.


This partnership makes a very happy couple. They love to stay at home, but their life is never dull. The Rabbit is clever and talented, able to negotiate his way out of trouble. It is these characteristics that the Pig is attracted to. The Pig is dependable and obedient; and the Rabbit will be grateful to have a devoted and unselfish partner. They do not look for each other’s faults, instead they count their blessings for having each other.

The diplomatic and peace-loving Rabbit makes a good match for the courageous Pig whose dedication to its partner will be reciprocated with an appreciated resilience. The Rabbit’s subtlety and cautious nature may contrast sharply with the Pig’s openness and warmth, but it only means the Rabbit is the perfect recipient for the affection and luxuries the selfless Pig is only too happy to give.

In a Rabbit wife and Pig husband relationship, he is easy going while she is a perfectionist. She may get annoyed by his propensity to sulk, and may appear to be materialistic. However, they can overcome this and benefit each other in the relationship.

In a Rabbit husband and Pig wife relationship, they have a gentle and tender relationship. They appreciate each other. Their relationship will be free of material worries if he is careful with his finances. They will be extremely happy with all aspects of their life.


Both signs are assertive, active and energetic but in different ways.

This is a relationship that can either succeed or fail, depending on either partner’s response. Both signs are assertive, active and energetic but in different ways.  The Dragon’s force may upset the Pig.  However, the Pig who is keen to please, will put unrelenting efforts to bring success to the relationship.

The Pig will always be supportive and encouraging to the Dragon’s ambition. The Dragon is often impulsive but the Pig will patiently endure all the Dragon’s shortcomings. The Pig will be the peacemaker when a heated argument crops up. The Pig and the Dragon will have no problem in cooperating on the same goals. As long as the Dragon makes Pig feels needed, the Pig will always be devoted to the Dragon and be the Dragon’s support whenever the Dragon falls. The Pig and the Dragon will have a successful, intensely romantic and stable union.

PIG  + DOG: 84%

Although they may not appear to be well suited to one another, this union could prove successful because both have agreeable dispositions. The Pig will find a dependable and intelligent partner in the Dog, while the Dog will receive the constant love and affection he requires. They are both equally as trustworthy and reliable.

Willing to compromise towards each other, there is the potential for a happy future together as neither will take advantage of the other’s weaknesses. Affable meets affable in this pairing of two signs that have the potential to complement one another’s strengths, and support each other’s weaknesses. In addition, neither are flighty and will not commit infidelity – they will find each other’s company to be sufficient.

Although they have different approaches to life, they are both honest and well-meaning, and strive to do their best wherever possible. The simple Dog however, will not be understanding of the Pig’s sensuality and therefore must be aware of withholding the use of its sharp tongue on the Pig whenever the Pig finds the P too overindulgent. Key here is the loyalty and steadfastness that both signs are known for. These traits will be crucial in ensuring that the Dog’s critical thinking benefits the Pig, whose tolerance allows him to forgive the Dog’s quirks.

Perhaps the Dog may occasionally need to step out of their comfort zone in order to satiate the Pig’s love for romanticism.

PIG + RAT: 81%

The Rat and Pig couple are vivacious and finds themselves attracted to each other both physically and mentally. However, their over simplistic outlook may be too unrealistic. There is a need for something solid to hold the relationship together as both of them do not provide a stabilising force to the relationship or marriage.

This partnership could see many a gathering at their home, given the social nature of both partners. The Pig and the Rat will be attracted to their shared outgoing and energetic nature, and appreciate that they have the same interests and firm beliefs. Although the Rat may be the more sensitive and sensible of the pair, the Rat’s intelligence will be appreciated by the Pig who may at times compromise far too much for his own good.

For this relationship to excel, the Rat can support the Pig by helping look out for the best interests of the Pig. The Pig is often too trusting and naïve and may get exploited. The Rat, on the other hand, does not trust easily and will often be skeptical of people until proven otherwise. If the Pig relies on the Rat’s uncanny intuition, this couple should easily maneuver around any obstacles to a great relationship.


Both sides of the game may need to level up their efforts to coincide with one another.

The Pig is very devoted to his loved ones, usually blindly. Hence, the Monkey capitalizes on that to take advantage of the Pig. The Pig is usually robust in its pursuits but while the Pig benefits from the Monkey’s monetary expertise and craftiness, the Pig is often not impressed with the Monkey taking advantage of his love display. The Monkey dislikes the Pig’s overgenerous kindness which is at his expense and is not very impressed with the Pig doing charity and benefiting others. Both sides of the game may need to level up their efforts to coincide with one another.

Theirs is a fairly staid union, with the scrupulous Pig unable to understand the complicated Monkey, who finds the Pig’s honesty a little too dull. On the other hand, the Monkey’s charm which usually appeals to other signs, may be too complex and pretentious for the straightforward Pig. Whilst conflicts appear to be a certainty, the union can in fact be quite civil. For this odd pairing of signs to work, both signs need to focus on the other’s positive qualities.


Being so diplomatic and peace-loving, the Pig would rather skim the surface of an issue rather than risk offending a person. Conversely, the Rooster has no such qualms about making direct accusations, and is a busybody without any regard for others’ feelings. The perfectionist Rooster will be facing the open-minded, intelligent Pig. However, the Pig’s overly-trusting ways will lead the wily Rooster to offer protection – being so naïve, the Pig’s trust may otherwise lead to it being exploited.

Provided there is understanding and willingness to compromise, this could prove a workable pairing of signs. Like any relationship, conflicts are to be expected but given a mutual respect for one another’s personalities, they can be kept to a minimum. Compared to the Rooster, the Pig is governed by his emotions to a greater degree. This could pose a problem for the Rooster, who is too argumentative to love the Pig blindly. On a more positive note, the analytical aspect of the Rooster may be a boon for the trusting Pig, whose accommodating nature is in danger of being exploited. Likewise, the effects of the Rooster’s critical mind could be subdued by the Pig’s diplomacy.

PIG + TIGER: 79%

This couple works best when they are focuses on the needs of others. They will have a life filled with laugher and passion. They enjoy each other’s company and have the ability to overlook their problems and enjoy life as it is. Determined and committed, the Pig believes in the Tiger’s idealistic goals and the Tiger loves the Pig’s perseverance and audacity.

This warm and loving pair will not hesitate to be affectionate to one another, and will be brought closer together by their desire to make the other person happy. Dynamic and progressive in their attitudes, the union will be a gratifying one since the understanding Pig will be able to cope with the Tiger’s unpredictability. In the Tiger, the Pig finds a loyal, generous and brave mate. In the Pig, the Tiger will find a good-humored and compassionate mate who understands her outbursts. To make the relationship work, the Tiger must learn to curb their inclination to roam and provide affection and support for its partner, while the Pig must learn to be more independent and understand the Tiger’s need for  some alone time.

In a Pig husband and Tiger wife relationship, they admire each other tremendously. This helps to smooth the way through many problems. He has a set idea on how women should be, which she never follows, and her direct manner may be challenging for him. He loves children, but she may not desire any. This may be an issue for them.

In a Pig wife and Tiger husband relationship, they value each other’s charm greatly. She may find it difficult to deal with his restlessness, which in the long run may prove too much for her to handle. He on the other hand may find her moody. If they overcome these differences, they can lead a good relationship.

PIG + HORSE: 75%

The Pig and the Horse complement each other in a way.

Nothing much can prevent this sociable, outgoing pair from having fun but both need to be aware that with so much pleasure-seeking taking place, neither may pay much attention to the future. The reliable Pig will be a good match for the imaginative Horse. The good-natured Pig is easily convinced by the persuasive Horse. The Pig is kind-hearted and enjoys social activities with the sporty Horse. The Pig craves for more closeness and affection, which is not readily given by the Horse. However, the Horse does appreciate the Pig’s integrity and loyalty.

The Pig and the Horse complement each other in a way where the Pig will stop the Horse from rushing into something without thinking while the Horse will encourage the Pig to seize opportunities at hand without thinking too much that they slip away. With mutual respect and understanding, there is plenty of room in this relationship for both partners to develop together and independently.

PIG + OX: 69%

This couple will push each other to succeed and improve. The Ox behaves well and focuses very much on the Ox’s goals. The Pig trusts, understands, and will support the hardworking Ox partner. The Pig’s sensual and self-sacrificing nature will be great in encouragement to make him less adamant and uncommunicative.

In this union, the sensibility of the Ox may clash with the Pig’s love of fine things. The affectionate Pig’s generosity will be mistaken as extravagance by the more frugal Ox, whilst the hard-working Ox may prove too much for the Pig to handle. Both approach work from different perspectives, with the fun-loving Pig working to ensure his leisure time, and the serious Ox working to ensure job satisfaction. In the end, the self-discipline of the Ox and the joviality of the Pig may prove too much for this match.

PIG  + SNAKE: 45%

The Snake possesses great determination and willpower, while the Pig is easygoing by nature. The Pig is unable to understand the Snake or help the Snake further the Snake’s ambition. The Snake finds the Pig unappealing and has no use for her generosity unless there’s a motive behind it.

Because of the Pig’s naïve character, the Pig is unable to understand the Snake’s complex and doubting mind. Due to this, the Snake tends to be unconcerned about the Pig’s sincerity, causing much hurt to the Pig’s feelings. Their totally opposite personalities cannot give much happiness to each other in this relationship. There can be little harmony in this match.


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