Weekly Horoscope (August 15 – August 21, 2016)

Weekly Horoscope (August 15 – August 21, 2016)

8/15/2016 3:14:42 PM

Hello new week! Let's explore what will happen in this week by reading "Weekly Horoscope: August 15,2016 to August 21, 2016"

Hello new week! Let's explore what will happen in this week by reading "Weekly Horoscope: August 15,2016 to August 21, 2016"

1. Aries (May 21 – Apr 19)

Family: Cooperation is very poor 15th - 16th and improved greatly the 17th and 18th. Beware of the full moon on the 18th especially in the latter part of the day as it appears to carry over into the 19th and the cure for whatever services at that time appears to be... focus frequently, take one thing at a time and avoid multi-tasking as much as you can late on the 18th until later p.m. on the 19th. Expenses over the weekend to appear likely and many of you may be taken by surprise 20th, particularly later in the day with having to do something like throw money at it, possibly to please a mate.

Love: Old loves can surface suddenly near and around the 16th or from the events of that especially if Aquarius, Leo, other Aries or Capricorn is involved. Growing closer, understanding each other much better and creating more powerful and lasting bonds may result from discussions late on the 17th or early on the 18th... particularly if you are trying to warm Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius.

Friendship: Getting together with old pals, possibly some you haven't seen for a long time, appears extremely likely the 15th to 17th with the ex and heavily upon the 16th or as a result of behavior, Communications or actions unfolding later in the PM hours of the 16th. There is an aspect indicating that you may be prone to draw attention to yourself in some way. Be especially careful with co-worker pals and avoid becoming too familiar at the workplace or in career moves.

Aries might getting together with old pals this week

Career: Excellent strides, giant leaps forward and other types of catalyst behavior are indicated from the 15th right into the 18th and those days are just full of "Make hay while the sun shines" energy. Make sure you jump on board and get as much of it as you can pushing the envelope and working long hours if necessary. Make sure you pay attention to emotional personalities the 19th and give them the attention they need not all the attention they want... Manage your day well as the shank of it appears to run from 2:33 p.m. eastern time to 6:24 p.m. eastern time and then it slides in the crapper.


Finances: Draining until the 17th

Overview for Aries:

State of Mind: Slightly 'defensive' at times but not 'over the top'. Some may be 'necessary' but only at 'limited times'.

Karma Numbers: 5, 11, 16, 23, 40

Buzz Words: Diligence.

Compatible Sign: Aquarius, Aries


2. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Family: Most of you appear to invest a great deal on the 15th and possibly have to throw money at repairs, upgrades or enhancements. The need to spend continues on the 16th but shifts to more enjoyable items such as entertainment, travel, vacation or gifting. Anything that enhances family life appears to be quite strong the 16th to 18th but you need to slam on the brakes and back off big-time as soon as the 19th blossoms... For it may bring with it the need to spend in order to fulfill the emotional demands of members, particularly Pisces, Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Cancer.

Love: The big thing I want to tell you this week is that the 15th to 17th appeared to be all clear and for many of you single or paired, the 17th has an extremely powerful aspect that indicates powerful and very likely new romantic opportunities appeared to include signs like Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra and Cancer. It is necessary to note that there is minor termination threat near the 19th so it would be best for you to zip your lip and avoid any kind of heavy discussions much less any form of confrontation.

Friendship: Enjoyable gatherings, hearing from old pals and being thrown in the spotlight for some reason appear very likely near the 15th to 17th, especially the 16th when it is likely you may run into very dear old friends possibly some you haven't seen for a while and you might want to take the time or carve out a commitment to some for the near future to cement relationships with buddies you've not seen for too long. There is a chance he will need them very quickly after the 18th and calling out of the blue may give you a chilly reception.

Career: The big buzzword this week is: see to your responsibilities... And do it professionally the 15th and 16th, to completion and the satisfaction of others the 17th, quietly and behind-the-scenes the eighteenth and early and on top of things the 19th for a successful week in job, career or business.

Finances: Not cooperative, except for the 15/16th.

Overview for Taurus:

State of Mind: Growing 'more and more emotional as the week unfolds'.

Karma Numbers: 1's in all things, 7, 9, 11, 44

Buzz Words: Exploit romantic/love 'opportunities' quickly.

Compatible Sign: Cancer, Pisces and some Scorpio


3. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Family: The focus this week appears to be on the tons and tons of energy you are likely to invest into a wide variety of pursuits, particularly the 16th right through to the end of the 18th when things become very difficult to juggle, handle and satisfy. Changing your mind vacillating back and forth and not being able to come to a decision are very likely the 18th into end of 19th and some of you may have to carry things over into next week. If this should happen to you, it's extremely important that you make the decision by or before the midday of the 24th -- lest it become more complicated and even more drawn-out. Some of you will face a no-brainer sort of decision where you have to invest, repair, upgrade or please... particularly elders, Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Taurus.

Love: Romantic trends here highly successful this week and many of you just can't fail as long as you put all of your efforts and focus into the 15th too early midday the 18th. However, after 1 p.m. eastern time the 18th it would be best to back off and maintain a lower profile since emotional bickering is very likely the 19th and 20th before things appeared to settle down for you -- and this applies to both single and paired twins.

Friendship: Spending quality time with your very best of friends is likely the 16th and 17th, especially in pursuits of sports, hobbies and shared passions. Gemini's who like to shop appear to find excellent bargains 15th clear through to midday the 18th and your shopping or saving karma for just right items, hot bargains and things you've been lusting after for a long time appear to double if you shop with Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn or Taurus.

Career: Many of you appear to be literally overloaded and much can hit Dodge City suddenly the 16th... The Lion's share of which could easily carry over into the 17th and the 18th with some of the drugs possible on the 19th. Should you find yourself still dealing with duties on the 19th then go back to earlier in the week, or worse yet January... You have to use the big push to wrap up.

Finances: Up and down... but good mid week.

Overview for Gemini:

State of Mind: Investing heavily in all 'areas of life' from personal to career.

Karma Numbers: 2, 10, 11, 12, 22

Buzz Words: Give ...but not 'until it hurts'.

Compatible Sign: Aquarius, some Cancers, Pisces


4. Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Family: Since there is a full moon on the 18th and it is full in the very dominant sign of Aquarius in the early morning hours so it would behoove you to put as much effort into the early part of the week as possible on any kind of buying, paying for procuring of necessities since it becomes much harder after the 18th and spending rises to the level of demanding, non-elective, placation and necessities.

Love: The boundaries of your tolerance may be very tested this week: Pushing you from one extreme to the other emotionally, and testing your resolve, particularly the 18th and 220th before you are able to juggle and manage in what appears to be finally, the PM hours of the 20th. This may be true for even those among you who are in very stable status right now. Those of you who are dealing with Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio or Leo individuals may find an extra modicum challenge.

Friendship: You appear to be challenged on the 15th and possibly by someone you thought this sort of thing would never form with especially Capricorn, Aquarius, other Cancers or Leo individuals. There is a small threat of termination or loss of status near the 18th and 19th, particularly with Pisces, Virgo, Leo and Aquarius. Much will depend on your attitude and vocal tone try to control yourself the best you can given the full moon on the 18th.

Career: There is a cross-section of you who literally may be abused on some level this week possibly by being overloaded, being treated unfairly, being given tasks that require high expectation and local operation and even some outright demanding and possibly emotionally unstable power people. Your stars warned that should you encounter this energy this week: It's best to say nothing at the time and pursue more formal avenues, shouldn't require that the 22nd to 24th to resolve whatever did happen this week that appears to be morally, legally or apolitical policy violation.

This week, Cancer work is possibly overloaded

This week, Cancer work is possibly overloaded

Finances: Cooperative and 'fruitful' for the most part.

Overview for Cancer:

State of Mind: Focused on the future, especially next January to April

Karma Numbers: 10, 11, 12, 45, 60

Buzz Words: Draw 'attention' but the right way...

Compatible Sign: Aquarius, Aries


5. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Family: Get as much done on the 15th and 216th as you possibly can sense your stars show that by the time the sunsets on the 17th cooperation begins to descend and your personal energy starts to dwindle. You are some of you may start to become extremely vulnerable to fatigue, illness or injury, digestive distress, back, or ankle injuries. Also, if you have a history... Stumbling over the pattern in the rug... as my mother used to say, then you should beware that you are vulnerable to simple mistakes that lead to larger problems. Spending for repairs, entertainment and appeasement is very likely the 19th to 21st.

Love: This can be an extremely productive week for the single lio or those of you who are in the early stages of growing a relationship. Even those of you in longer status that are seeking sound, healthy upgrades will all be very likely to achieve goals between the 15th and 17th. There is a major aspect that indicates sudden and new romantic love on the 16th and 217th and may cover several days on either side for up to 10 days. Candidates here appear to be Aquarius, Perris, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

Friendship: Last minute or sudden invitations to be included are very likely near the 16th and then the 18th. Being drawn into the spotlight for your ability, Talent or humor is very likely the 15th to 17th, particularly during daytime gatherings. The one thing you should try to avoid, is allowing co-workers to make you the class clown around the water cooler.

Career: Some of you appear to have mundane work the 15th and far more exciting works at 16th and into the 17th however the full moon in Aquarius on the 18th may create huge challenges before the feet of some lions and a few of you will stumble, most likely due to emotional myopia or sabotage especially from Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo, Gemini or Pisces individuals... Many of whom have no idea their actions are affecting you in any manner. However, there may be those who know exactly what they're doing.

Finances: Small issues between the 16th and 18th may cause 'necessity spending, but other than that finance is good...!

Overview for Leo

State of Mind: Clear, long range 'success' oriented.

Karma Numbers: 2, 10, 11, 75, 77

Buzz Words: Be 'on guard' near the full moon on the 18th; otherwise, just 'let it roll'.

Compatible Sign: Pisces, Other Leo and some... but few, Aquarius.


6. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Family: Your stars show a great deal of requests, duties and spending may be packed into the 15th and even some early-morning parts of the 16th. High-profile spending is indicated both the 17th and again the 19th and the 20th. Feeling emotionally drained, fatigued, saddled with common illness or injury and digestive distress appear likely late on the 18th may pepper into the 21st.

Love: The big message this week appears to be too cold... Single and early status Virgos show excellent growth potential and opportunity the 15th right to the 17th, however, older status, especially those who have been experiencing challenge or stressed lately show the threat of termination energy which hits the hardest mid to late 18th... stands over the entire of the 19th and does not get out of your way until midday until sunset 20th.

Friendship: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces pals may appear to need you a great deal on the 15th, possibly to problem solved lend a hand or just listen. Be accommodating. It's entirely possible that by the 18th or the 19th, you may be the one who is seeking a pal with a good pair of ears and a wonderful shoulder.

Career: Much of this week appears productive and highly supportive, particularly the 16th when you may be thrown into the spotlight, placed in a position to showcase your talents or ask especially by power people to perform unusual tasks. Many of them you will knock out of the ballpark but you must do so before the early morning hours of the 18th or you will find that you're the one who ends up out of the ballpark!

Finances: only challenging the 19/20th.

Overview for Virgo

State of Mind: only stressed the 19/20th... then 'not much' -- only if 'something hits in'.

Karma Numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, 75

Buzz Words: Keep things 'moving' and your mind 'occupied'.

Compatible Sign: Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn


7. Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Family: Cooperation appears very poor 15th into the balance of the 16th especially from Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius or any personalities who appeared demanding in an unreasonable way... Do what you can not all you can as there is a big difference especially on your energy level. You may need all the energy you have for the 17th which appears to be a special day for you and may hold opportunities in career, Romance and things that have been long overdue... Solicit family support and remember who fails to provide it as your stars show next week would be excellent for payback time should you have any pay back left to deliver. Doing too much, trying too hard and always being forgiving and accepting maybe the corner you have painted yourself in and if so, all that may come to a head next week so save your delivery for that time frame.

Love: The most exciting this week, is a huge and rare aspect between the planet Venus and the planet Pluto and it happens technically on Wednesday the 17th... But it should be noted that this aspects influence can shed light on up to 5 days prior to the 17th and for 10 days after the 17th. This aspect indicates sudden, powerful and new... new... energies added to existing status or introduced as brand new.

Friendship: Enjoying gatherings, last minute impromptu gatherings and accepting exciting invitations... More likely for the end of the month than this weekend or this particular window before the full moon on the 18th seems likely: especially if Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or other Libras are doing the inviting.

Enjoying gatherings with your friends this week, Libra

Enjoying gatherings with your friends this week, Libra

Career: Professional attitude, exact professional demeanor and responding suddenly in a correct way on the 15th is essential. Power people may not understand or may take things for granted and it's very important that you do things properly until the 16th unfolds. Once you discover what kind of goodies, attention for opportunity the 16th, 17th or even parts of the 18th can provide... It would be best for you to just stay totally professional and low-key until you can pounce on whatever it is the universe has brought you to exploit. I hope several of you scales managed to nail this one down...!

Finances: Favors you this week!

Overview for Libra

State of Mind: Slightly 'distracted' but only the 15th and maybe the 16th...

Karma Numbers: 7, 9, 10, 11, 51

Buzz Words: History 'repeats itself'... watch for challenging situations that 'feel, look or are' familiar...

Compatible Sign: Aquarius, Scorpio, Capricorn


8. Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Family: Cooperation is so tawdry this week that the expectation is you will have to bend over backwards, invest heavily, solve quickly and do it all while keeping your mouth shut if you wish to maintain that contentment level indicated for the 15th. Many of you appeared to have a low key or easy week and the only way that can be ruined it by you, yourself. Make decisions carefully and slowly and be willing to spend what is necessary and not what is opulent. There may be entertainment requirements this week that you spend on and being too cheap could possibly alienate affection, especially from spouse, Elders or youth and you do not want to tarnish your image among your very dearest family.

Love: The one single thing to focus on and watch for this week appears to be a spike in emotional demands and investments that grows stronger and stronger as we reach the full moon on Thursday the 18th. Demands on your time and patience may be great but delivery and delivering what is expected not what do you think is right... Maybe the wise thing to do -- ot the best -- but the wisest.

Friendship: Old pals appeared to cycle back around between the 15th and the 18th... Some of them may be signs like Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, Aries and other Scorpio... Take the time to reconnect as it is very likely you may discover that you need to call upon them especially between the 22nd and 24th next week... And communication now before they need you may have, will make that call far more receptive.

Career: It is essential for me to point out to you that Monday the 15th to Wednesday the 17th appear to be very manageable, Loki and even filled with opportunity and strong bonding with coworkers. Favors done for you, but from bosses and power people or from lateral coworkers are constituents, appears likely. However, there is a trend switch that is notable and may strike as early as in business hours on the 18th or more likely, on the 19th itself. Be sure to respond to all incoming and choir reason messages on Friday the 19th as dragging body into next week would be really, really unwise: Watch for other Stingers who do not read this and see what happens to them. No being 'warned'... trust me on this one!

Finances: Very uncooperative until the 19th...

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind: Undecided about many things; stall until the 19th...

Karma Numbers: 19, 21, 22, 34, 60

Buzz Words: Do a 'background check' on anything that may be 'costly to you'.

Compatible Sign: Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces


9. Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Family: Most of your week appears uneventful, especially in pursuits of spending and provisions however, once the full moon hits on Thursday the 18th you may find the family is filled with more complaints, demands and over-emotional dynamics. Some of these may require a bit of spending... Possibly actual money, but more likely emotions, effort and philosophical explanations, especially to teach youth, bring them forward and point them in the right direction. Depending on your age group, some of you may have to do the very same thing with elders.

Love: This is an excellent week for the archer in love, especially Monday the 15th and Wednesday the 17th -- particularly if you are paired with Aquarius, Perris, Leo, other archers or Gemini. Long, drawn-out or emotional discussions do appear likely under the full moon on Thursday the 18th but much will depend on what side you may be potentially paired with. This is an excellent indication for those of you who are single and do not have anyone as a partner as connecting to or finding a partner as the result of Thursday the 18th or on or near Thursday the 18th is very likely.

Friendship: Doing favors for signs like Aquarius, Leo, other Sagittarius and Scorpio appear likely on Monday the 15th: Return favors from them maybe more likely on Wednesday the 17th along with Thursday the 18th. It is also possible that some pals may come to you with emotional problems or decisions between Thursday the 18th and Saturday the 20th seeking your insight, Council or even professional advice.

Career: While this does appear to be an easy week: There will be a small cross-section of you who may encounter a bit more challenges on Thursday the 18th and strictly due to the full moon, especially the later in the day it gets as your stars indicate your patient starts to drop off the table near approximately 5:30 p.m. eastern time. It does appear to return however in time for Monday the 22nd when you may have questions or you may have to examine things before proceeding. A very few of you may discover that hits in early and instead of the 22nd you get nail 19th

Finances: Frequent 'fluctuation' but becoming stable by the 20th.

Overview for Sagittarius

State of Mind: Focused on 'the future' both near and distant.

Karma Numbers: 9, 11, 14, 21, 60

Buzz Words: Dominant factor in each situation; know it, research it and prepare for it with a plan B

Compatible Sign: Aquarius, Cancer and some Caps


10. Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Family: For many of you the 15th appear to be busy, demanding and even somewhat expensive as repairs or upgrades on appliances, Vehicles, entertainment expenses and pleasing youth or elders, maybe a source of expense, effort or focus. Emotional discussions surrounding the events of the full moon on the 18th also appeared to surface suddenly -- if they are going to surface at all -- for the cross section of you that do qualify for this aspect. It may be made stronger if you are paired to Pisces, Cancer, Leo or Aquarius individuals. Those of you paired to designs like Taurus, Virgo, other Capricorns or Gemini... may find a little bit of an easier trip.

Love: Your philosophy has always been "Leave well enough alone, and let them come to me, it's less of a risk", while you have stood behind the safety of these two mindsets. It may be important to note that this week you may be unable to dodge that bullet, particularly if you get hit with a partner who has emotional needs that must be addressed before the effects of the full moon on the 18th take them into territory that creates even more problems. The big message this week and romance is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Friendship: Doing favors for buddy's on Monday the 15th is very likely but the contentment level that returns for the investment that you make appears to be almost five to ten fold and therefore very much worth the investment: Be an emotional, intellectual, Financial or even reputation with coworkers. However, be cautious with career-related friends that you do not go too far out on the willowy end of the branch.

Career: This week maybe a literal cakewalk for many of you as indications are some kind of jam or opportunity may be served up to you on Monday the 15th, reinforced on Tuesday the 16th and or even if delivered on the late train 17th, will still put a feather in your cap. Avoid any kind of gossipers, troublemakers or complainers on Thursday the 18th and answer all inquiries and questions especially written ones on Friday the 19th quickly.

Finances: Strong after the 17th but 'problematic' the 15th at the 'most'.

Overview for Capricorn

State of Mind: Prone to 'mini-depression' if relationship status 'suffers' at all...

Karma Numbers: 7, 12, 45, 61, 66

Buzz Words: 'Taken as a whole'... which will help you; step back and see 'the big' picture... not the small one or the temporary one.

Compatible Sign: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces


11. Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Family: Most of you show a very demanding and unexpected turn of events mid to late hours of the 15th but much of it is resolved totally in your favor by the time we reach the beginning of the Tuesday the 16th. It's possible that other family members are just inconsiderate or forgetful and do not take your needs into consideration: Not so much deliberately but out of ignorance or possibly the fact that you have failed to inform them of your expectations, hopes or needs. While everyone appears to be a bit on the emotional side under the full moon on Thursday the 18th... You are more likely to be a good pair of ears and a problem solver then part of the problem itself.

Love: It is no secret that emotions run high this week under the full moon the 18th however most of you will try to avoid buying into this one and a great hefty cross-section of you appear to enter the 18th with a sound mind and emotionally intact. For those of you who may be paired to signs like Pisces, Cancer, Leo or Aquarius -- particularly if they are a much different Aquarius than you... Patience will be needed.

Patience will be needed for Aquarius this week

Patience will be needed for Aquarius this week

Friendship: Highly enjoyable gatherings, impromptu last minute happy accidents and other types of exciting invitations appear very likely from Monday the 15th straight through to Thursday the 18th with the most important day being Tuesday the 16th and the one that is most likely to contain a visit from an old pal or even an old love surfacing and giving you the opportunity to tidy up any old emotions in your attic left over from years ago. How wonderful it is when the cosmos gives us a chance to find vindication, affirmation or even just information...

Career: Indications are this can be a huge week for so many of you... The broad cross-section that is indicated appears to contain over 50% likelihood for many Aquarius is "Hot home runs and huge red feathers for your cap appear likely the 16th." Some of which may be literally served up to you on a silver platter by power people. It's also possible that you may replace others who went before you and failed. In those situations you stand to garner the most bang for your buck, attention or opportunity for the future.

Finances: May hold 'big surprises!'

Overview for Aquarius

State of Mind: Slightly overloaded after the 17th but other than that; rather good...!

Karma Numbers: 15, 22, 25, 50, 55

Buzz Words: Accept 'powerful and new'... in everything...

Compatible Sign: Libra, Leo, Aries


12. Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Family: Many of you may be working to hit some kind of deadline that runs between Thursday the 18th and Saturday the 20th. Some of you may be looking down the barrel of big events like weddings, reunions, vacation or exciting travel and you are pushing to get everything done in time for your personal deadline. Should you find yourself in this category, it would be wise for you to get as much done as you possibly can before midday on the 18th as things left undone after noon eastern time on the 18th become harder and harder to accomplish, particularly on Friday the 19th.

Love: Old loves, lots of old relationships or even dreams and other types of omens about or from these individuals are possible in some form or another this week, particularly on or near the 16th or from the result of it. In some cases, you may find its best to examine let go and move on while in other cases some things may carry over into the 17th into Thursday the 18th. None of this should be torturous as it is designed to help you move on past any kind of emotional roadblock. Single fish: Find hot opportunities starting on Wednesday the 17th and running straight into Sunday the 21st all day is long.

Friendship: Enjoying familiar hobbies, passions and goals with buddies appears very likely this week, particularly on earlier Tuesday the 16th, and especially if these are old friends who are long deeply rooted your heart and mind. Growing sentiment deeper and expanding the boundaries of death, breadth and height that your feelings can reach -- appears likely. It's sort of an "Elizabeth Barrett Browning" full moon on Thursday the 18th when it comes to feelings emotions and personal ties.

Career: The big message here "get it done before Thursday the 18th." As after that, it's next to impossible and not only is it next to impossible... Situations can actually go from bad to worse... Technically starting approximately 5:27 p.m. eastern daylight time. Most of it will stop by Saturday the 20th so if you have to work the weekend the good news is that while our people may be demanding and expectations are set extremely high... Your abilities are unencumbered.

Finances: Only a problem early on the 19th and late on the 20th...

Overview for Pisces

State of Mind: Focused and 'forgiving' especially of youth, children and elders who 'act oddly'.

Karma Numbers: 7, 11, 15, 32, 45

Buzz Words: I believe

Compatible Sign: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn.