The traits of Aries

The Traits Of Aries

8/1/2016 2:28:50 PM

This title provides readers concerning about Aries people the traits of Aries. hopes of helping you find interesting things about Aries.

1. The Positive Traits of Aries

There is almost an impossible energy about the Aries. They are perpetually looking for speed and action.  This is actually one of the most active of all zodiac signs because of the ruler planet that they have – Mars.  Because of their innate desire to come first or excel in things, Aries people are often found to be ambitious too.  These are also people who know how to appreciate others and they will also always fight for the underdogs should they believe that somebody is being wronged; often even at one’s own cost.

2. The Negative Traits of Aries

The very same positive traits of the Aries turn negative when things get out of hand. For example, due to their Fire sign and fetish for speed, sometimes they rush in where fools will fear to tread and it affects their otherwise organizational acumen. They try to take up too many things and are perpetually running around and the matters worse when they are impatient, and vent their frustration on others. Their dominating characteristics often work against them. Their possessiveness acts as a deterrent to lot many things.

3. Aries Personality Traits Redefined

Courageous – Aries people are always found out to be extremely courageous. They will tread in even where lot many others will fear to tread in. it is their ruler Mars which makes them so.

Energetic – The Fire in them does not let them sit still. They are one of the most energetic people amongst the zodiac and their energy and vitality is boundless.

Optimistic – They possess an impossible pioneering spirit and with a childlike candor believes that all their plans will come to fruition. They are impossibly optimistic and will try and see the brighter side of everything, of every rainbow.

Enterprising – Aries have a natural and sharp wit and they are also extremely intelligent people. Coupled with this is their drive for energy and speed; and you end up having an Aries who is enterprising. Because they do not take to orders well, they will always rather do something on their own.

Independent – Aries are fiercely independent. They will guard their freedom or what they believe to be freedom with their life. Not the ones to subjugate illogically, this is what they will teach to their offspring too.

Impatient – This will mar the Aries in whatever they do. Being of extremely volatile and energetic disposition, the Aries are extremely impatient people. They want to do everything at the same time and delay or sluggishness brings the worst out in them.

Egoistic – The first sign of the zodiac is also the selfish sign. They, like new born children are always looking at me syndrome. It is only important to them to know what they want and what they can do to get it. These are egoistic people.

Vain – Aries have a strong feeling that they are the best and anything that anyone else is trying to do they can do better. It is one of the reasons of their downfall.

Jealous –Jealousy is what the Aries should be ashamed of. But it is their possessiveness which sparks off jealousy and particular in matters of the heart. They are jealous of their significant others should they believe that they are being wronged.

Impulsive – Aries always rule with their head and thus rams into things headlong without considering the pros and cons of any endeavor. Their extreme impulsiveness can sometimes bring their downfall too.


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