The Traits Of Taurus

Taurus Traits

8/2/2016 2:24:03 PM

This article talks about the traits of Taurus

If you are interesting in Taurus, let's find information about the traits of Taurus in this article of

1. The Positive Traits of Taurus

Taurus, led by the Bull and belonging to the Earth sign can be extremely faithful and loving and giving friends who are extremely affectionate. They are modest and good natured. The Taurus are also people having a great deal of aesthetic sense and they have deep love for all things bright and beautiful.

They love the good life comprising of pleasure, comfort, good food, good wine etc.

They are also extremely dependable people whose dedication is what folklores are made of. Dogged in their dedication and dependable in their industriousness, the Taurus people make perfect bankable employees and bosses.

2. The Negative Traits of Taurus

Taurus despite being steadfast and perseverant is also known to be extremely stubborn and absolutely inflexible. Their inability to see beyond a set pattern, dogged determination, possessiveness can create an unhealthy and negative atmosphere for them and people around them.

There could be instances when their possessiveness and their stubbornness their own ground have caused many a downfall.

Also the love for good life that the Taurus born people have may also be construed as greediness and materialistic clinging.

3. Aries Personality Traits Redefined

Patient – Patience is one of the biggest virtues that the Taurus has. They can be tremendously persuasive and can wait till an eternity for what he thinks is right.

Reliable – The Taurus are nothing but not responsible and reliable. Any work that is entrusted to them, they will ensure that the work is done to perfection. This is why they are some of the best employees.

Warm Hearted – There will often be seen a Taurus who will walk that extra mile to please his or her loved ones. They are often known to shower the object of their affection with gifts and other things.

Caring – Because these bulls are extremely dedicated and attached to whatever they do, the Taurus personality turns out to be extremely caring too. They will walk that extra mile for people or causes dear to them.

Persistent – This is perhaps one of the most important and mention-worthy virtues that the Taurus possess. Persistence should actually be their middle name. Unlike Aries who begin a project and then a lot many times fail to see it to completion, the Taurus with their persistence amidst all difficulties will see a project to its completion. And that is actually true for all situations in life.

Inflexible – Taurus is a sign of Earth. This means that they are as immovable and as rooted as the earth. Their views and opinions once created cannot be changed. Their character and thought process are not flexible and they stick to ideas originally and once formed.

Rebellious – The rebellion of the Taurus born people often stems from the stubborn views that they hold. Once molded in a direction, these people can be the most rebellious people if their thought process is under attack.

Obstinate – The word obstinate and the Taurus born are probably synonymous. This streak in them makes them an extremely tough nut to crack. This is the one streak which often makes them lazy as well.

Unoriginal - Taurus people are not prone to changes. They stick to what they have known and that is what makes them unoriginal. Their inflexibility to learn new things and accept changes makes them unoriginal and lets them at times stick to their previous beliefs.

Argumentative –The fixed views that a Taurus have makes them appear argumentative at times. They like the familiar and routine, and once that is challenged, their wrath will know no bounds and any hapless victim happening to have invoked that wrath will be thrown aside by the Taurus argumentative nature.


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