Money Horoscope Jan 18,2016 to Jan 24, 2016

Money Horoscope Jan 18,2016 to Jan 24, 2016

1/19/2016 8:53:55 AM

If you want to predict the financial position this week,read them in "Money Horoscope" !


Money Horoscope


Money Horoscope

Money Horoscope of Aries


It's a time of opportunity in your house of money and values. Expand your bottom line by finding new ways to earn money. And get in touch with what money means to you. What are you willing to give up in order to have more? Is what you're sacrificing now really worth it? As you answer these questions, problems sort themselves out.


Money Horoscope of Taurus


You have your work cut out for you - in a good way. Everyone seems to want a piece of you now, since you're radiating good health and good fortune. And your personal style is unique, so everyone wants to know what you're wearing. Use it to your advantage by leveraging all the attention into more opportunities, a higher salary, and better benefits!


Money Horoscope of Gemini


You have an interesting time ahead with a harmonious aspect affecting your house of teaching, learning, travel, and spirituality, bringing renewed interest in all of these areas. If you teach for a living, it's a great time to get a new job. If you want to branch out into teaching, you have lots of support. Similarly, going back to school to augment your skills yields dividends.


Money Horoscope of Cancer


Money Horoscope

Money Horoscope


This period is about your employment and health. The Universe wants to build structure and encourage hard work, so now it's best to put your nose to the grindstone and get that project finished, that resume written, or that presentation perfect. Other influences affect your debt and other people's money. Pay off your obligations before spending any more!


Money Horoscope of Leo


Now you have a lot of new energy to apply to networking. You're inspired to meet new people and attend events, so make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out. Who you know becomes more important than ever now. There's added structure to your house of romance, family, and fun, so you have their support, too.


Money Horoscope of Virgo


With a supportive aspect, you have a good deal of help to make healthy changes in your house of employment now. The Universe is not only adding more work to your load but also making it possible to bring your excellent skills to the attention of your boss. It might be a good idea to take some work home.


Money Horoscope of Libra


Money Horoscope


Money Horoscope


Now you're in a position to profit from recommendations made by friends and family. With the Universe affecting politics, groups, and self-employment, you're being asked to think about where to plant your flag with regard to work. Do you want to be tied to one career, group, or location? Or do you want to move around? Money comes when you choose.


Money Horoscope of Scorpio


You're in a building phase now. This brings added structure to the way you earn money, as well as increased security overall. Everything comes about as the result of hard work and saving. Aspects affect your home and inner emotions. What you earn today should be spent either buying property or upgrading what you already have.


Money Horoscope of Sagittarius


You may have your hands full now with matters concerning employment and health. Your workload may suddenly double, or you may receive more freelance projects that are too good to pass up. Your network of possible employment sources expands, indicating that you may also hear about a job in your field that you really want. With all your luck here, it's best that you try to get your foot in the door.


Money Horoscope of Capricorn


This week is about aspects affecting your areas of romance, children, family, and fun. While you may be tempted to blow off work for a little escape, try to resist! It's better to apply your energy to solving a problem that's common among these areas. Raking in the money will be easy when you do.


Money Horoscope of Aquarius


Money Horoscope


Money horoscope


Now you have a harmonious aspect affecting your home and emotions. If you're involved in a creative or design field, think about how to extend your line to encompass the home. Since so many memories and feelings of your own are being stirred up, you may find that your life can provide the basis for some wonderful new ideas. Money comes when you combine the personal with the professional.


Money Horoscope of Pisces


You usually have the scoop on making and investing cash. Now communication may become even more important. You'll be receiving more calls, letters, e-mails, and texts. Sudden and sometimes unexpected changes are possible, and some of them may surprise you. Rather than rise to the bait of any personal attack, respond in a slow, measured way. Your funds will thank you later.


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