Money Horoscope February 1, 2016 to February 7 , 2016

Money Horoscope February 1, 2016 to February 7 , 2016

2/3/2016 9:46:47 AM

If you want to predict the financial position this week,read them in "Money Horoscope" !



Money Horoscope of Aries


You're enjoying a fortunate aspect affecting social groups and politics. Use the forward momentum to learn about open positions with better benefits, if you're seeking a new job, or investors who might be interested in your business idea. If you reach out to existing contacts, you'll find what you need.


Money Horoscope of Taurus


You have changes coming to your career sector. The Universe brings communication and creativity. You may need to explore a new career avenue in order to stay fresh in what you do. Tons of new energy and opportunities could result. You may experience a career boost now, which definitely means more money. Don't downplay your achievements. You deserve what you earn.


Money Horoscope of Gemini






With a harmonious aspect now, you have a unique opportunity to make your closest relationships pay off in a big way. The Universe makes you all the more lovable, which only makes your friends and family want to amp up your contact. Getting a better job shouldn't be hard. It's all about who you know and how you interact that determines your future.


Money Horoscope of Cancer


Now you face a time of serious changes. Aspects affect your career sector, making it doubly important to dream big and keep your eyes open for anything that seems too good to be true. Chances are it is. But don't let that stop you from striving for what you want regarding money. You're the favorite now. Make it pay off.


Money Horoscope of Leo


You have positive aspects accelerating the mental energy in your chart, making it easier to think, plan, or solve complex problems. The Universe touches on your house of romance, fun, and family, and colors your travel, educational, and spiritual picture. Money tends to come when you combine forces with someone to appeal to as many others as you can.


Money Horoscope of Virgo


With activity in your house of home and inner emotions, you may be getting in touch with all kinds of memories and past reflections. Part of you may wish to start a new business from home or bring your work home occasionally. It's easier to attract money from outside investors if you're starting something new, or pay off existing debts if you just need to get caught up.


Money Horoscope of Libra






You're taking a few more risks in your money life now. Someone close not only has the keys to your heart but may also provide some key information about an investment opportunity. The Universe makes it possible for you open up a new line of communication. Do your research for best results, but invest in something you've never supported before.


Money Horoscope of Scorpio


You're famous for being organized, if only in your mind. Now you may stumble across the perfect situation at the perfect time for you. How's that for organized? The Universe brings opportunity while signaling a kind of soul-mate connection between you and your work. Don't question where it comes from. Just follow up or be sorry later.


Money Horoscope of Sagittarius


A harmonious aspect affects your communication sector in a new and perhaps dramatic way. A lot of action, meaning letters, e-mails, texts, and phone messages, combine with plenty of talking. It's like a double dose. Money comes when you access your communication skills in writing, speaking, acting, or something else. Give it your creative spin.


Money Horoscope of Capricorn


You have a wonderful opportunity now, like a little explosion in your house of money and values. It brings new ways to earn and save money (new job, anyone?) and new ways to see money's role in your life. You decide how important it will be, not your boss, the bank, or anyone else. That's pretty empowering when you think about it.


Money Horoscope of Aquarius


Now you get an extra dose of energy. You'll be doing plenty of communicating, since aspects affect your house of style and putting yourself out into the world. If you've wanted a makeover of sorts, this is the week to start. People perceive you as someone to take seriously. Get up your courage and put on that suit. It's time to ask for a raise.


Money Horoscope of Pisces






You may be on the verge but not quite where you want to be. This is because of aspects affecting your house of past lives, karma, and institutions. Activity here can sometimes make you accident prone in your desire to get ahead. Right now it's about planning and getting those final pieces of the puzzle in place. You'll be able to move closer to your goals soon.


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