Meaning Of The Initial Of Your First Name

Meaning Of The Initial Of Your First Name (Part 1)

9/6/2016 4:25:43 PM

The initials of your name can give an indication of your personality traits.

Hello! What is your name? knows that the initials of your name can give an indication of your personality traits. Let's see together.

The letter A

The letter A resonates with the number 1. A is one of the most powerful letters of the alphabet, and people who have this letter as their initial are the ‘movers and shakers’ of the world. They are influential individuals and like to either run the show themselves, or be the driving force behind. They like to take control and are generally very sure of themselves. If they are not, then they will put on a false bravado. A’s make wonderful ‘actors’ and can put on the persona they wish for others to see. A is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 1 and symbolizes the attribute of confidence. When A is the first vowel in a name, the person tends to be bold and courageous.

People with the letter A are trailblazers, torch-bearers, researchers, teachers and people who show others the way. They are leaders, motivators and idealistic visionaries who are aware of their own innate powers.

Negatively, a person with the initial A can be critical and discouraging of the efforts of others.


The letter B

B is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 2 which represents the emotions and duality. 2 is also the number of ‘love’ and this aspect one of the most important emotions for the B person. Partnerships are also very important to the B person.

People with the initial B are co-operative, courteous and are very considerate individuals. They have a tendency to be able to sense the feelings of others, with the knack to be able to demonstrate certain mediation skills when handling complicated situations. B’s know how to organize and handle people with care and ease. Peace and harmony are of the utmost importance to them.

A person with a B initial is friendly, caring and sharing and is generally a homebody. B names like to make a ‘nest’ for their family.

On the negative side, B can be self-absorbed and a bit greedy at times.


The letter C

C is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 3 which represents creative energy, curiosity and communication. C people are very talented and get along well with others and are quite social.

C’s are most often optimistic souls who have a genuine enthusiasm about life and the living of it. People tend to like a C person because they are generally charming, pretty easy-going and are good conversationalists. Their ability to communicate often motivates and inspires others. They do well in areas where they can best utilize their skills.

The C person is capable of deep love and emotions and they need to be admired and loved by others in return. The many and varied interests of the C vibration give them many different experiences on the emotional level. The C's charms and popularity can bring many contacts and social situations.

Negatively, C people can be ruthless and cruel and sometimes lack empathy.


The letter D

D is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 4 which represents balance, security and hard work. D is very powerful energy and is the letter associated with business and wealth. When D is the first initial the person is prone to over-work themselves, but often find success in their lives.

People with D as their initial feel compelled to build strong foundations for themselves and those around them, particularly family.

Negatively, a D person can be stubborn, often to their own detriment.


The letter E

E is the second vowel in the alphabet and is the equivalent of the number 5. An E person is generally a warm-hearted, loving and compassionate soul.

A person with the E initial is usually highly flexible and well equipped to making and accepting change throughout their life. With E resonating with the 5 energy they always seek excitement and are sometimes a bit of a risk-taker. E’s are imaginative, and often, through their unconventional way of thinking, are naturally able to solve complex problems with ease. E’s are quick thinkers and observers who are clever, analytical and versatile.

Negatively, a person with the letter E as their initial can be unreliable and a bit flaky at times.


The letter F

F is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 6 and represents love in all its’ forms. F’s are warm-hearted, compassionate and easy going individuals who enjoy the company of others. When F is the first initial in a name it carries the vibration of a natural ‘nurturer’.

People with the F initial are caring, responsible, family-orientated, romantic, artistic and disciplined. F’s are natural lovers of children and animals, and strive for peace and harmony. F’s are ‘trouble-shooters’ who have a tendency to give help and comfort to those who need it most. F’s have a great depth of compassion and understanding and have a sense of wanting to keep the balance and harmony in situations. This produces the need to protect or take care of others.

Initial F people are very loyal, honest, kind and generous to both friends and family and have a strong sense of being dutiful about their responsibilities.

On the negative side, F people can be quite self-piteous.


The letter G

G is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 7, which represents mysticism, spiritual and religious experiences.

A G initial person is imaginative, creative, insightful and helpful. When G is the first initial in a name, the bearer may tend to choose to be a loner.

Those with the G initial have intelligent, quick minds and are particularly good at searching out and finding the truth. Very little escapes their observation and deep understanding so G’s are very capable of analyzing, judging and discriminating the facts in all situations.

G’s may have a natural, life-long interest in the spiritual and/or psychic realms.

On the negative side, G's do not listen very well to others nor heed advice.


The letter H

The letter H is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 8 and represents creativity, wisdom and power.

An H person has a great deal of business acumen and people with the initial H most often have the ability to create, establish and maintain ‘wealth’ for themselves; although this must be tempered with humility and integrity.

H people tend to see the bigger picture and from a higher perspective. H’s look at life in a practical manner, using with discernment. Being the leader and having authority, H first initial people must have a purpose and a goal in life. They can direct the mind of humanity to reach a higher attainment by putting great effort into all of their undertakings. The H and 8 vibrations have much to give the world as they are an efficient, stable, dependable and reliable influence - which others need.

Negatively, a person with the initial H can be self-absorbed and greedy.


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