Libra- Scorpio- Sagittarius 2017 Singles in Love Horoscope

Libra- Scorpio- Sagittarius 2017 Singles in Love Horoscope

11/24/2016 7:03:30 PM

2017 Love Horoscope for Singles. Read them in this article!




Love Horoscope


Love Horoscope


What a year for dating and being asked out, flirting and being flirted with! The January Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces radiates the ultimate romantic dreamy light over the whole year.

Jupiter in Libra creates countless opportunities to meet, entertain, and be entertained by love. So, get out there!

Venus starts out in smart, sensitive, but objective Aquarius. In the spring Venus turns retrograde in fiery Aries and ends in super-romantic Pisces. If you're hoping or planning to tie the knot, consider doing so after the retrograde ends, so wait until the middle of April or later.

Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, and love grows more serious and more sexy. Amorous affections may light up then.

December may seems less warm but in truth love gets more responsible and works better then. Enjoy sweet, sensible romantic times as the Sun and Saturn are both in Capricorn.!







The dating scene is intense and nonstop for Scorpios during most of 2017. With Jupiter in Libra for ten months this year, you can go out and meet as many new romantic prospects that you have the energy to handle.

Venus will be retrograde in March and early April, and this may give you a chance to catch your breath socially. Once Venus is direct again, romance resumes its bright sheen. It's also a better period of time to make a commitment.

As Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10, lovers may get more serious and make more serious demands. You're comfortable with this, and may prefer it. When you connect with someone who is as devoted and serious as you are, you'll sense it instantly.

December is serious, too, with the Sun and Saturn in thoughtful, no-nonsense Capricorn. Love-related issues should begin to work better for you..




With your planet Jupiter in Libra from January until October, love relationships are especially favored. The dating world should be rich with new faces, new voices, new places to go, and exciting new interests and sources of entertainment.

With the Mars-Neptune conjunction in January, a romantic haze may linger over the whole year, letting you luxuriate in memories of past sweet loves as well as actively seeking your ideal perfect love.

Venus is retrograde from March until mid-April. Ease up socially and let love be less urgent. If you're on the verge of making a permanent or official commitment, consider waiting until Venus has gone direct (after April 15).

Jupiter leaves attractive, congenial Libra and enters Scorpio on October 10. Love gets deeper and more serious. You may prefer the lighter, more casual romance but if a keeper of a partner is to appear this year, it most likely would be in these last few months.!

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