Daily Horoscope Saturday Dec 17 2016

Daily Horoscope Saturday Dec 17 2016

12/16/2016 10:06:01 PM

What will happen on Saturday of 12 zodiac signs? Read more in "Daily Horoscope Saturday Dec 17 2016"



Daily Horoscope of Aries


Bring your emotions down to Earth today, ngoc. Your imagination may run away with you. If you don't take a hard look at reality, you may find yourself in big trouble later. The higher you soar, the harder you fall. Make sure you have a working parachute. Be realistic about your current situation and act with confidence. Make sure you have the facts before you set goals and plans.


Daily Horoscope of Taurus


Try not to be extravagant today, Taurus. You're much better off lying low. Focus on you and what you need to do. Don't waste your time trying to attract others' attention. Let them deal with themselves while you concentrate on your goals and chores. Tackle all projects with gusto. You will find that you can be very productive as long as you stay focused and calm.


Daily Horoscope of Gemini


Today is a terrific day in which you should find that things work very smoothly

Today is a terrific day in which you should find that things work very smoothly


Today is a terrific day in which you should find that things work very smoothly. You have a hardheaded approach that will help you get down to business and get things done. Make sure you're on solid ground before you take the next step upward. You have the ability to reach the summit of many mountains, so don't waste any time. Put on your boots and start climbing! 


Daily Horoscope of Cancer


There's a serious tone to the day, Cancer, so take this into account when you get the urge to play a practical joke on a friend. Keep things real. Stick close to home and take care of any menial tasks. Start a garden or buy some plants for your house. You have a disciplined nature that will help you get things done.


Daily Horoscope of Leo


Bring stability to your emotions today, Leo. You have the tendency to take things to extremes, swinging from incredible highs to rock-bottom lows. Give your nervous system a break and calm down. Go for a walk in the woods. Make sure that all your actions are rational and well planned. See to it that you're in control of your emotions before you interact with others.


Daily Horoscope of Virgo


Take care of your home today, both physically and emotionally. See that bills are paid and the bedroom is tidy. Don't forget to clean the dust from under your bed and the demons from inside your mind. Realize that you might be running on someone else's operating system that got stuck in your hard drive. Make sure you replace it with your own software before you continue.


Daily Horoscope of Libra


Go ahead and act confidently, Libra


Go ahead and act confidently, Libra



Go ahead and act confidently, Libra. You will probably find that you're more stable and grounded in general, leaving you free to explore and take more risks than you normally would. Your intuition may be strong, so don't hesitate to rely on it. Make sure your actions are clear and decisive. You have a great deal of power, so use it wisely!


Daily Horoscope of Scorpio


It may be hard for you to get a project off the ground, Scorpio. Perhaps this is a sign that it needs to stay there. Take it back to the drawing board. Do some more planning and testing. Make sure that your actions are well thought out. Test the brakes before you drive down the mountain. You will find that you can accomplish a lot today if you stay focused and disciplined.


Daily Horoscope of Sagittarius


Finish whatever you didn't wrap up yesterday, Sagittarius. Use the morning to plan, the afternoon to execute, and the evening to relax. Be conscious of time and your physical and mental limitations. Bring your dreaminess down to Earth and be realistic about goals. Take time to put the extra coat of wax on the car or extra stitch in the fabric. That effort will serve you well in the long run!


Daily Horoscope of Capricorn


Give it a rest today, Capricorn

Give it a rest today, Capricorn



Give it a rest today, Capricorn. Recharge your batteries. Stick close to home and take a load off your feet. Convince someone to give you a massage, or better yet, go to a professional. You deserve a break. Once you're restored, consider all the ramifications of whatever actions you take before you start. Plan your moves carefully. Be strong and decisive not rash and frantic.


Daily Horoscope of Aquarius


Feel free to move forward with your plans, Aquarius. This is a great day to take action. You've done a great deal of data collecting and analyzing lately. Now is the time to put that information to good use. You're helped by an extra boost of inner confidence and emotional strength. Your grounded, conservative approach will be richly rewarded. You couldn't ask for a more productive day! 


Daily Horoscope of Pisces


You may have a hard time getting started today, Pisces. This might be a better time to plan. Be realistic and thoughtful in your actions. Be conscious of the steps you need to take to reach a certain goal. When in doubt, take the more conservative route. You will find that there is a great deal of support for that path. Don't get distracted along the way. Stay on target.


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