Career and Money Horoscope in 2017: Aries- Taurus- Gemini

Career and Money Horoscope in 2017: Aries- Taurus- Gemini

11/24/2016 6:52:05 PM

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Career and money are directly targeted in 2017, and you have the energy to go and get anything you can imagine and then devise a plan to maximize opportunities. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in January kickstarts it all. You can change or create something for your benefit in 2017.

As the Sun enters Aries, your planet Mars and the asteroid Ceres are both in hard working, practical Taurus. This bodes very well for an increase in money and all material things that support and nurture you.

Jupiter leaves diplomatic Libra and enters no-nonsense Scorpio in October. Business relationships or matters turn much more to the bottom line now.

December sees Saturn entering its home sign of Capricorn. This is the planetary embodiment of work ethic and a drive for success. The Sun conjounct Saturn in late December, further sharpens the focus on career and fiscal progress in the coming year. You're well situated at year's end.




If love is important, career and money are more so in 2017. The opening Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a red flag to get serious about what you want and where you're going.

If you have a plan or direct path in mind, you can get intense about it and make whatever changes are needed. If you do nothing, the world may force a change on you anyway. Be proactive.

Mars and the asteroid Ceres start the year in your own sign of Taurus, a sign naturally concerned with material welfare and comfort. You have the energy and resources to go after and secure your goals.

Jupiter is retrograde in agreeable Libra from February until early June. Line up your partners and allies, if any, and be on the same page with people who share your career or financial visions. When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, you'll have your bottom line clearly defined.

Once Saturn's retrograde ends in late August, you can make progress with little hindrance. December is powerful, work-focused, and perhaps frugal. Start the 2018 new year financially strong by riding these currents..


Career and money Horoscope

Career and money Horoscope




Career and money concerns are highlighted all year long. The Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 6 guarantees that. The most intense periods to make career changes and reorganize finances could be in January, and then again in December.

In between are four Mercury retrogrades. The first three start in Earth Signs and end in Fire Signs. Take great care and patience and make plans as Mercury goes retrograde. Be prepared to launch ahead as Mercury goes direct.

The first period started last December but ends on January 8 in Sagittarius. The second starts in Taurus on April 9 and ends May 3 in firebrand Aries. The third starts August 12 in Virgo and ends September 5 in ambitious Leo. The fourth retrograde is entirely in daring Sagittarius, December 3 until December 22. Watch your spending and bookkeeping during these times.

Jupiter leaves agreeable Libra and enters Scorpio in October. Pragmatic bottom line considerations will matter more.

Saturn enters its home sign Capricorn in December, shortly before the Sun enters Capricorn and the Sun conjoins Saturn on December 21. Don't be shocked by the prospect of overtime during the holidays. It’ll pay off, literally and figuratively.



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