Aries- Taurus- Gemini 2017 Love Singles Horoscope

Aries- Taurus- Gemini 2017 Love Singles Horoscope

11/24/2016 6:44:54 PM

2017 Love Horoscope for Singles. Read them in this article!


2017 Love Singles Horoscope


2017 Love Singles Horoscope




Charm, quick wits, and thrills are all on your side in 2017. This can make romance easy to find. If you're enjoying your freedom, you should have great times before the Venus retrograde in Aries hits on March 4.

Romantic prospects and good times won't end then, but the pace may slow down. In fact you may be in the mood for a bit of a rest. When Venus turns direct on April 15, she will be in Pisces and your feelings may have softened and shifted.

The year's second Mercury retrograde starts in Taurus on April 9. Besides the usual increase in confusion and disconnected communications, your dating world may involve more expensive, nice things and higher living until Mercury reenters Aries on April 20 and your usual strong sense of self returns. When the retrograde ends on May 3, better communications should return, too.

Love turns more serious in October when Jupiter enters sensuous, sexy Scorpio. How much sizzle do you want, because you could get it... plus some..







Love is a prime concern in 2017. If you're looking for that perfect someone, you might imagine several candidates in January before the Mars-Neptune conjunction separates and dissolves to give you a clearer vision and less fluctuating feelings.

All year long you should have good romantic judgment because 2017 opens with Venus and the Moon in congenial but cool Aquarius.

The Venus retrograde in the spring might slow down the dating scene, but sometimes a slower pace creates more time for feelings to gel. If you're with someone special and thinking of tying the knot, it's usually best to wait until the Venus retrograde ends (on April 15).

In October, Jupiter leaves the most sociable of signs, Libra, and enters stern Scorpio. Love is serious now. Only total honesty, sincerity, and dedication will do. However it's also a super-sexy time. It helps if you know what you really want..




The dating world is vibrant and beguiling in 2017. The Venus-Jupiter opposition draws people your way and suggests high standards for those new love prospects.

Venus is retrograde this spring and your social life might slow down. Be glad. Venus in Aries can be hyper. When Venus goes direct in Pisces on April 15, feelings may be more tender and compassionate. If making plans to secure a relationship or tie the knot, consider waiting until Venus is direct.

Jupiter is retrograde in relationship-happy Libra from February until early June. By summer, there should be no limit to the number of available love connections for you.

The sky is relatively peaceful until December when the Sun, Saturn, and Capricorn exert great influence. Why not share some holiday chores with a willing companion?

The fourth and final Mercury retrograde is in December. Take your time and get to know a special someone really well as the year ends.



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