2015 Horoscopes

2015 Horoscopes

9/21/2015 2:19:07 PM

Select your star sign and 2015 Horoscope will provide you the prediction about the big event of your life in 2015.







Your year starts off so hot and high-energy, Aries, that you may sometimes look in the mirror and wonder who that person is!

Your true New Year, Aries, begins the day after a Solar Eclipse (March 21 - the day the Sun enters your sign), with Uranus and Mars both conjunct the Moon. Feelings may run rampant for a few weeks, but life will settle down to a subdued roar and thunder, leaving you to feel like you could succeed at just about anything.

Use that confidence and energy while being wildly creative, social, and happy in August when the Sun meets Jupiter in fiery Leo.

The September 13 Solar Eclipse is a brief but intense moment to look back. Are you staying healthy and on track?

In November, be willing to take on more responsibility and authority, and afterward find yourself to be a more matured, refined person. This helps greatly in any career or business situation that might attract you later.





2015 is a great year for Taurus to begin something new and maybe choose a new direction for some part of your life. Mentally, you may have been preparing, and now's the time.

The Sun and Moon are both in Taurus as your year starts, so April and May could be the most agreeable for your plans.

Love and relationships in general may take a slight hit in July and August when Venus goes retrograde from July 25 until September 6. Sometimes you need to go extra slow with people and affairs of the heart, that's all.

Be extra creative and you'll be popular all summer long. The Mercury retrograde in Libra (September 17 to October 9) might stress relationships, but Venus rules here, too, and Taurus knows how to be sweet.

Be healthy, happy, and good to yourself, especially in November and December!


2015 is an exciting year, Gemini, when relationships bloom, opportunities for personal growth and maturity abound, and friends and family become more cherished.

As blazing and energetic as the year begins, you have plenty of built-in pauses to stay on track and take care of all those people and things you love.

Mercury retrograde (all in Air signs) is your friend. Yes, really!

January 21 to February 11 (Mercury in Aquarius) is a calmer social period; May 18 to June 11 (in Gemini) lets you mentally regroup and rethink what might have been done with too much haste the month before. September 17 to October 9 (in Libra) offers a chance to take a second look at any agreements or commitments you made or that were made to you earlier in the year.

Socially, Gemini is running in high gear all year. Eat healthy and get enough rest, and moderate those social indulgences. Friends and family are there to remind you how important you are, especially in the July. It is a fun, fabulous year!





2015 Horoscope


2015 Horoscope


You may feel a bit like a sea creature out of water this year, with only sensitive Neptune in a fellow Water Sign (Pisces). This will illuminate your instincts, feelings, and intuition compared to all the other signs.

Keeping your emotions controlled may be the biggest challenge in late June and July, when the Sun and Saturn move into Water Signs, too.

The first two months you will be focused more on others, but make sure you also take good care of yourself so you can properly be there for loved ones or friends if they need you.

People keep you busy with fun in May and June. Your mind may motor in high gear while your attention zooms in on family, home, and what you love best. Things should calm down after the Sun-Mars conjunction on June 14.

With the Moon in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio on the Summer Solstice, you may not feel charming, but everyone will see your charm throughout the rest of the year!



You have a well-balanced year ahead, Leo, with plenty of passionate Fire, sensitive Water, practical Earth, and diplomatic Air energies at your fingertips.

Neptune will offer you illusions and comfortable escapes in February. Uranus will surprise and energize you in April. Mercury and Mars will tug at your heartstrings and family in July. Venus will make daily life more pleasant and comfortable than ever in September. What a year!

Jupiter spends the first half of 2015 in your sign, Leo, bringing good luck and abundance, but also the temptation to enjoy the good things in life in excess. Try to use moderation in all things, especially eating, spending, and socializing, and simply share the wealth.

Jupiter is retrograde until April 8, so be aware of maintaining or improving your personal integrity.

Energy might sag and minor health concerns could become a concern in November, when the Sun (the ruler of Leo) encounters Saturn. Balance and good sense can fix all. Take good care of yourself and enjoy each day to its fullest!


2015 is a year of great luck and abundance, Virgo. There will also be strong feelings, opinions, and a great drive to succeed. It may be hard to think straight all the time amidst so much activity and bustling daily life, but you'll do your best.

Expect opportunities and congenial people around you from January 1, as your ruling planet Mercury is in Capricorn along with the Sun, Venus, and Pluto. Capricorn is an Earth Sign and very compatible with you, Virgo.

Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11. From then on, amplified good luck and prosperity should blossom. Friends and family (particularly siblings) may be extra generous. It's a year to bring each other many happy times.

Enhanced creativity, good times with groups of people (especially large gatherings), and a trip or two are all smiled upon this year. Be healthy, active, eat and rest well, because it's a busy year!



2015 Horoscope


2015 Horoscope


2015 gives you a deeper desire for material security and luxury. This means you'll have greater motivation and ambition. In your gentle, agreeable Libra way, you'll accomplish more and attract more compatible people into your camp.

You'll be extremely lucky with people, so network away! Then put social activities on pause during August, rest up and re-energize.

Mercury goes retrograde in your sign (September 17 - October 9) and this is a great thing, too. Consolidate your team of friends and family members now, and see clearly who your truest supporters are.

November and December are powerful times for you as well, particularly the last two days of December when your planet Venus moves into glorious Sagittarius.




Powerful good luck and instant energy are at your fingertips in 2015, Scorpio. Given your natural level of intensity, you'll need extra effort almost every day to not burn out or frazzle the people around you.

Be cool and a bit distant if necessary in February and March when instincts are tested and people become harder to read. Reserve judgment about others but don't over-idealize them - namely friends and family.

When Mars conjuncts Uranus (March 11) and when the Sun conjuncts Uranus (April 6), the Moon will be in Scorpio, affecting you more strongly than most other signs. Be braced for surprises.

Respect your physical limits, avoid overexertion, and be healthy and ambitious. Such a fiery year can be hard on a Water Sign like you, but 2015 gives you plenty of Earth energy to anchor and get you through!



What a great year to be a Sagittarius! With so much admiration, respect, and authority coming your way, it could be hard to remember to be modest. Make the effort, though, be gracious and understated, and people will regard you all the more.

Be methodical and then trust your sound, critical judgment. Emotional judgment is strong and true, too, especially in February.

Saturn in Sagittarius this year adds to your patience and careful treatment of people and situations. Family and friends will think well of you no matter what, and could lavish extra affection on you in the springtime.

Be well, active, and avoid too many extra calories too often, however yummy. This could be an ongoing challenge after early April, when Jupiter's retrograde ends.


2015 Horoscope


2015 Horoscope


Make a major new start in 2015, Capricorn, or perhaps several minor ones. Let your heart and passion be your guides. Then be your own best friend rather than your own worst enemy. (All unlike you, I know!)

Trust your gut. A slowly forming Jupiter-Saturn square (not perfected until August) will help keep you from going too far, too fast, or off track.

Family supports you in a big way, perhaps wondering what took you so long. You have great ambition and energy for your work this year, and also great compassion.

Your Capricorn year actually starts with the Capricorn New Moon (December 21, 2014). The day before, a Mars-Uranus sextile guarantees that you'll try your best and invent whatever you need, and the Venus-Pluto conjunction makes sure that you're noticed. Go out there and be amazing!

Find healthy ways to de-stress and to nurture and encourage yourself. This becomes increasingly important as the year progresses. Remember, it's not failure if it doesn't work the first time. Persist!




2015 sees you firmly in control of your own world, Aquarius, as well as prominent and lucky in public. Jupiter is at the top of your chart all year.

You can keep your private goals and desires private and still shine and work wonders for others. Any nervousness won't show in your appearance or how you present yourself. Saturn in fiery Sagittarius supports you.

Friends and family will see how hard you work and won't slow you down. But if you want help, just ask.

Mercury and Venus in Aquarius oppose Jupiter and anchor your chart for the year. Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius (January 21-February 11), making you sharper and more cautious.

Your health looks strong, but overdoing things will be an ongoing concern. Be safe and avoid silly, careless accidents. It's a very well-balanced but high energy year, Aquarius!


If you've ever dreamed of taking a step up and being a bigger, better you, 2015 is your year! Fresh, unexpected opportunities are everywhere, and doors will magically open for you, Pisces.

Be sensible, not giddy. Take all this good luck seriously, and say "thank you" often.

Give yourself enough attention and be healthy, especially in January through April. January and February (with the January 19 Mars-Neptune conjunction and the February 21 Venus-Mars conjunction) will keep you busy but happy.

Family and friends help you keep a lid on the wild times and offer sanity, harmony, and gentle fun and relaxation close to home. People may have high expectations of you, especially in the summer, and you may overextend yourself trying not to disappoint anyone.

Focus as much on yourself as others and become all that you want to be!


Have a nice day!


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